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Spur Conveyors

Spur ConveyorThe DynaCon Spur Conveyor makes a gentle transfer of product from one conveying line to another possible.  The powered Spur Conveyor is well suited for merging or diverging products and boxes.  DynaCon Spur Conveyors are ideally suited for applications where numerous lines must transfer onto a main conveyor line. 

They can be used in conjunction with a pneumatic diverting arm for diverging applications or used to merge product from work stations, machines or similar operations onto a main trunk line conveyor. The DynaCon Spur Conveyor meets another conveyor at a 45 degree angle, allowing the transfer of product, while maintaining product orientation.  Spur Conveyor

The Spur Conveyor is a plastic belt conveyor using a series of 4” wide plastic link style belts, running on a common/shared driveshaft, mounted in a center drive.  The tailstock features a staggered end for each 4” belt, which creates the 45 degree in-feed.  The DynaCon powered Spur Conveyor is available in widths ranging from 4” to 24” and can be up to 8 feet long.