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Essential Supplier to Food, Pharmaceutical, Medical and Defense Industries

March 23, 2020 — Dynamic Conveyor is a leader in custom conveyor systems for parts manufacturers, food processors and packagers.  Our sale and service of conveyor systems is essential to the food, pharmaceutical, medical and defense industries in order to meet the necessary needs of all Americans.

Pursuant to the March 23 executive order issued by the Governor of the State of Michigan, Dynamic Conveyor qualifies as an essential business.  As a result, Dynamic Conveyor plans to continue our manufacturing operations.

Dynamic Conveyor Essential Supplier Letter

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Clean-in-Place Option Expands DynaClean Conveyor Line

Clean in placeFebruary 10, 2020 — Dynamic Conveyor Corporation, the leading manufacturer of easy to clean conveyor systems for the food processing, pharmaceutical and packaging industries, now offers a clean-in-place (CIP) option for its DynaClean sanitary conveyors.  The new CIP option is designed to give customers the ability to clean the inside of the conveyor without the need to remove the conveyor belt.  This new option assists the cleaning of processing lines that convey high-risk food safety products such as dairy, eggs, meat, poultry, fish and seafood.

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New Sales Agency: 1st Choice Plastic Machinery

November 15, 2019 — Dynamic Conveyor Corporation announced today that 1st Choice Plastic Machinery has joined Dynamic Conveyor’s team of conveyor sales agencies. 1st Choice Plastic Machinery is based in Jacksonville, Texas and will work with plastics molders in Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana and Mississippi for their conveying needs. In addition to modular conveyor systems, 1st Choice Plastic Machinery offers a variety of equipment to meet the needs of the plastic molding industry.

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Conveyor Manufacturer Hires Sales Manager

John Stong, Sales ManagerJune 14, 2019 — Dynamic Conveyor Corporation announced that John Stong has been hired as Sales Manager to support the growing conveyor manufacturer.  John’s experience and background includes several years of sales leadership in the industrial machine manufacturing industry.  John will focus on leading the Dynamic Conveyor sales team in providing conveyor solutions based on the unique needs of customers in the plastic parts manufacturing, food processing and packaging industries.

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