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DynaClean conveyor.

DynaClean Pharmaceutical Conveyor

Video Transcription for DynaClean Pharmaceutical Conveyor

Hi, my name is Paul Kuharevicz and today we’re going to take a look at another DynaClean conveyor. The DynaClean is our sanitary design conveyor that is designed for the pharmaceutical and the food processing companies of the world. It is important to remember that most DynaCleans are custom designed, so when you ask for other custom accessories, it’s really not that big a deal for us. So always keep in mind that you can ask for pretty much anything you want, and up to the level we can, we will try to fulfill those requests.

Today let’s look at a conveyor that a customer needed a couple specific things. Their specifications said that everything electrical had to be stainless steel, so instead of using a fiberglass NEMA 4x enclosure, we went to the stainless steel – not really that big of a deal, but it’s something they needed. Additionally, they needed a one-piece stainless steel conduit, all the way up to the motor. Additionally, they needed a stainless steel motor, and a stainless steel gearbox. Additionally, we put a drip pan under the gearbox as an added precaution. Lastly, this particular conveyor was feeding a large piece of machinery. The operator has to work on both this side of the machine, and the other side of the machine. They did not want the operator to have to walk around the machine to get over there, or walk around the conveyor. Instead what we did is we made a walk-through. By increasing the size of our square stainless steel tubing, we were able to take the bottom cross-braces out to allow for an easy walk through, so the person can come to this side of the machine and operate it, and easily come back to this side of the machine.

I know these are very very simple accessories, but if you need this type of thing, you can always ask us. If you have any questions at all concerning the DynaClean and the accessories that are available, please call us here directly at Dynamic Conveyor Corporation. Thank you.