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DynaClean conveyor.

Hybrid Specialty Conveyor

A Custom-Made, Hybrid Specialty Conveyor

Video Transcription:

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In this episode of Dynamic Tech Tips, we’re going to take a look at our Hybrid Conveyor. We’re best known for our modular conveyor, but sometimes we have to make a special conveyor. I want to show you what makes this particular conveyor special, and not modular.

This is a hybrid conveyor. As I said before, it’s not the modular, Lego-style conveyor that you put together in pieces, this conveyor is cut in one piece to the exact specifications that the customer wanted. There’s three things on this conveyor that make this really quite unique.

First of all, the customer needed a space in here to go into their machine. This particular conveyor is going into an injection molding machine and the machine base is here. So we had to cantilever a special leg off of here to hold up the conveyor, so it could be slid in and out of the machine very easily.

Second, we looked to a different belt. A normal belt has the rods spaced at every 1 inches. This Series 1100 belt has the rods spaced at about 5/8 of an inch. Therefore it makes a very gentle curve. It eliminates the space between the belt and the belt path, so no small parts can get caught in here.

Lastly, this particular conveyor is going into a high-static environment. Therefore we put an ionizing blower in here. It both ionizes the air, then it blows the ionized air across the conveyor and the parts. It virtually eliminates all static in those high-static environments.

And again, we like to push our DynaCon conveyors, but sometimes you have to go to a completely custom conveyor, and I just want to make sure you know that it’s available from us. Thank you!

Hi my name is Paul Kuharevicz and today