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DynaClean conveyor.

Scraper Blade for DynaClean Food Conveyor

Video Transcription for Scraper Blade for DynaClean Food Conveyor:

I’m Justin Caris, product development engineer for the DynaClean line at Dynamic Conveyor, and I’m hear to explain some features of our new product scraper bar.

It’s a pretty simple setup. We have stand-offs between the plates for easy cleaning on both sides.

Now I’m going to explain to you how to tension your scraper blade. Set the blade close to the belt. Apply light to medium pressure on this bolt right here, and tighten this thumb screw. Once in place, it’ll have a spring action.

This unit is very easy to take apart and clean. All you do is remove this thumb screw. The tension is gone. Now your torsion spring comes out and the blade just pops right off. The mounting shaft is hollow for easy cleaning through it.

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