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Quick & Easy to Clean and Sanitize


DynaClean conveyors make cleaning and sanitizing quick and efficient, which saves time and money with reduced water and chemical consumption.DynaClean Z Ready to Sanitize web

  • Built from corrosion resistant, non-toxic, non-absorbent and temperature resistant materials, DynaClean Conveyors are washdown ready.  

Conveyors can be cleaned with hot water, steam and/or detergents ranging from Sodium Hydroxide to Hydrochloric Acid

DynaClean conveyor side rails and belting are blue in color for soil identification

Blue conveyor side rails will not splinter, rot or retain harmful bacteria, odors or cleaning agents  

Two styles of maintenance-free washdown motors (hyponic and and synchronous drum motors)

The choice for square tube or one-dimensional leg supports are easy to clean and sanitize and don't allow for hidden build-up of bacteria

The conveyor belts resist bacteria growth and are easy to clean

The belt is easily removed and re-installed, within minutes, for more thorough cleaning when necessary

The DynaClean food conveyor includes additional features that allow for frequent, quick and easy cleaning and sanitizing: 

  • Patented design allows for simple access for cleaning and sanitizing within minutes
  • Stainless steel leg supports with stand-offs and flange head bolts
  • The optional drum motors have a smooth, stainless steel finish and are hermetically sealed and totally enclosed for easy cleaning reducing cleaning effort by 30%

"The DynaClean conveyor is very unique in that it allows us to completely disassemble it with ease every night and ensures that we have a bacteria-free conveyor the next day.” Jason Grobbel, President at Grobbel's

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