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Packaging & Parcels

When you’re moving heavy packages, totes, polybags, sensitive products, or even empty packages, your lines should be fit for purpose, adaptable to your changing business needs, and provide a reliable conveyance solution.

Our innovative packaging & parcel conveyor systems are made with a quality focus to move multi-sized cartons, boxes, totes, and other items efficiently and safely whether they are in low, medium, or high-volume applications. The result is a robust, responsive operation that gets products to your customers faster.

  • Flexible design to accommodate line changes or expansions
  • Good for end of line pack out, robotic palletizing, transfer conveyors, sortation, print & apply
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A DynaRoller packaging conveyor conveying and transferring brown boxes

Industries We Serve

  • E-Commerce & Fulfillment
  • Food & Contract Packaging
  • Distribution
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“Our DynaCon system grows right along with our business because it works on every product we make. It is very easy to add and remove sections and accessories as needed, such as extended sides and cooling fans. Everything is easy with DynaCon.”

Brett Huster, Engineering Manager
C.A.P.S. Inc

DynaCon conveyors are made from small sections, like LEGOs, and you just build the conveyors like you want them. The fact that I can reconfigure them is the biggest selling point. They’re competitively priced. There are cheaper conveyors, but you get what you pay for.

Mark Borzillo, Plant Manager

“I’m impressed. Over six months of service, it’s required no maintenance and it hasn’t needed any cleaning.”

Mike Will, Operations Engineer
Black Diamond Equipment

“The DynaCon equipment being used in our operations has provided us with extreme flexibility in our manufacturing processes…the DynaCon conveyors allow for re-utilization of existing equipment on new jobs as well as the flexibility of reconfiguring existing lines quickly.”

Nathan Dietrich, Mfg. Engineer
Stanley Engineered Fastening

“I will be ordering more conveyors within the next month, so that should be a good indication of how I feel about Dynamic Conveyor. The integration of these conveyors is simple, seamless and sturdy. We researched many conveyors and made the right choice going with you guys!”

Bob Luthi, Plant Manager
Temple Tag

“Thank you for a well-made product.”

Troy Hobelman, General Manager
T&R Tooling

“The ease of set up, quick deployment, quick response time and excellent service by the sales rep made Dynamic Conveyor stand out. The thermoplastic non-stick belting was an added bonus.”

Parker Holmstrom, Manufacturing Engineer
Trelleborg Medical Solutions

“We literally only work on the DynaCon conveyors when they are damaged by misuse. Otherwise, we do a regular cleaning, and put them back in production….Conveyor downtime has pretty much been eliminated by using DynaCon conveyors.”

Sean Plantz, Maintenance Technician
Currier Plastics

“I’ve seen other companies try to save $1,000 when buying a conveyor system…they will spend that thousand dollars with maintenance and such in the first year and for every year after that… because the conveyors won’t hold up.”

Bill Padgett, Vice President of Manufacturing
Custom Bottle

“We have six of your conveyors. They very rarely need parts, they are like tanks they just run and run.”

Herb Willard, Facilities Manager
AIRMAR Technology Corp

“If you figure $25K per operator, we’re now saving about $250,000 to $350,000 per year since installing DynaCon conveyors.”

Michael Van Zant, Manufacturing Manager

“We’ve tried other conveyors that were touted as modular, but I wouldn’t say that they are modular like the DynaCons. We have so many of them because we have good success with them.”

Henry Tamangi, Maintenance Manager
Comar, Inc.

“When we had to expand the lineal distance on the DynaCon conveyor, we were able to add length and put it back together very easily. It’s very cool.”

Kevin Foley, Co-Founder
Radius Toothbrush

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