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How Manufacturing Automation Will Keep Your Employees Healthy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Manufacturing automation may not have been on your mind a few months ago.  But, that was before we found ourselves in a COVID-19 pandemic.  This pandemic was not a crisis that we saw coming or were prepared for, but it has caused an impact on most businesses, and now we must adapt.

Most companies have had to readjust their business and their workforce.  Many companies have allowed employees to work remotely or from home.  But for most employees in manufacturing, their jobs cannot be done remotely.

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National Employee Safety Month Considerations for Material Handling

Employee safety has been a topic of concern as we navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic.  This year, as we approach the month of June, also recognized as National Safety Month, we might be thinking about employee safety in different ways than in past years.

The steps we are taking to keep our employees from contracting COVID-19 are in addition to the steps we have been taking for many years to keep our employees safe from work injuries and death.  As we take measures to keep our employees from contracting COVID-19, we don’t want to lose sight of the other necessary safety measures.

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How Superheroes at a Custom Conveyor Manufacturer Combat COVID-19

Superheroes can be found at a custom conveyor manufacturerBeing an essential custom conveyor manufacturer is quite an honor. It’s an honor that I didn’t recognize until we found ourselves in a new world where we are all fighting an invisible enemy – COVID-19.

As I look around me and wonder “how are we going to get through this? How are we going to win this fight?” — I see the answer. I see superheroes. I see the wife of an employee and I see the girlfriend of another employee. Both of these women are nurses. They give un-selflessly every day as they care for the sick. They are superheroes.

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What to consider when looking for a conveyor for your medical device manufacturing needs

Clean room conveyorsThose in the medical device manufacturing industry know that things are constantly changing.  In this ever-changing industry, there is perhaps nothing more important than having clean room ready equipment that can change, too.  Therefore, utilizing a clean room conveyor system that is capable of easy reconfiguration is of utmost importance.

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