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Manufacturing Day – A Reason to Celebrate

National Manufacturing Day is observed annually on the first Friday in October. Because it is so vital to the economy, Manufacturing Day is set aside to celebrate those who proudly stand behind the goods produced in the United States.

Manufacturing has grown for the past 14 consecutive months after contracting in April 2020 when the coronavirus triggered nationwide business shutdowns. Manufacturers in the United States account for 11.39% of the total output in the economy and employ 8.5% of the workforce. There was an average of 12.8 million manufacturing employees in the United States in 2020 with an annual compensation of $83,269.69 in 2019.

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How to Justify the Cost of Conveyors & Automation Equipment

DynaCon box filling conveyors for a variety of different box or tote sizes.

Conveyors and automation equipment can be purchased to reduce your major operational expenses, including labor, maintenance, machine downtime and utilities.  As the labor market continues to deteriorate, many manufacturing organizations are moving towards more conveyors and automation.

The first step is to contact various conveyor and automation equipment manufacturers and learn about their products, benefits, services and differentiators.  Ask about their customers – who purchases from them and why.  Request quotations from at least two or three equipment manufacturers.  Ask the manufacturers to include the expected annual downtime and maintenance costs for their systems.  Also be sure to learn about the expected lifetime of their equipment.

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Questions You Should Ask Before Purchasing a Belt Conveyor System

DynaCon ConveyorsDoing the research for a new belt conveyor system can be a daunting task. Conveyor technology is advancing and there are several questions you should ask before making your next conveyor purchase. You want to make sure that the belt conveyor you choose to purchase will give you the best overall return on your company’s investment.

What is the expected lifetime of the belt conveyor system?

You want to find a belt conveyor that will give you many years of service – far beyond the initial purchase.

A belt conveyor system with the ability to not only meet your current needs, but your future needs as well, will give you the greatest return on your investment. Change is inevitable. Make sure the conveyor you purchase today will give you the ability to meet your future needs as well.

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Can’t find workers? Maybe it’s time for automation

Can't find workers. It's time for automation.Automation may be the only solution available as employers continue to struggle with finding workers. “I can’t find people” is heard everywhere. It doesn’t matter what geographic portion of the country you’re in or what industry you’re in. It’s an ongoing issue that isn’t going away any time soon.

Automation is here to stay. Demographics are changing and it’s not going to get easier to find employees. In 2019 it was reported that nearly 25% of the manufacturing workforce is aged 55 or older. By 2035, retirement-age Americans will outnumber those under the age of 18. The lack of an available workforce is likely to lead to higher wages and accelerate the desire for automation.

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