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What to consider when looking for an Industrial Wax Conveyor

Conveying wax pastilles can be a difficult and costly process.  Many companies choose to use auger style conveyors, but others have found great success with belt conveyors.DynaClean Z Conveyor with synchronized belt for conveying wax pastilles

Product Jams
Auger style conveyors can only run for short periods of time before they become jammed with product.  The run time can be as short as an hour before workers have to totally disassemble the auger and clean it.  It takes 2-3 employees 30 minutes to an hour to disassemble and clean the auger.  Belt conveyors with a simple open conveyor design do not have nooks and crannies where product can become lodged.  Belt conveyors can run 24/7 or until there is a need to stop the process and change the batch.

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Can You Solve Today’s Challenges with Yesterday’s Conveyor?


DynaCon reconfigurable conveyorsReconfigurable conveyors offer a modular design that will allow you to reconfigure when your conveying needs change.

The challenges you face today are different than they were a few years ago.  The challenges you will face tomorrow are different than they are today.  Shouldn’t the conveyors you use today be equipped to meet your future demands?

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PackExpo Las Vegas 2017

For those of you who could not attend, it’s time for a PackExpo Las Vegas 2017 recap!  Our team traveled 1,922 miles from Muskegon, Michigan to Las Vegas, Nevada to let attendees see conveyors that will allow them to increase their processing and packaging productivity.  Some people say “What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas!”  But not us.  If you weren’t able to see us in our booth at PackExpo Las Vegas, then we’d like to let you know what happened in Las Vegas.

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Manufacturing Day – Why we celebrate

Manufacturing Day

What does Manufacturing Day and conveyor systems have in common?

Manufacturing is vital to the U.S. economy and conveyor systems are vital to manufacturing.  No matter the product being manufactured, conveyors are used to move the product from operation to operation, down the assembly line and/or from the warehouse to the shipping dock.

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3 Killers of Conveyor Efficiency

Conveyor Efficiency

Conveyor efficiency can make or break your business.  Time is money, and if your conveyors are frequently down, you are cutting into your bottom line.  In order to make sure your conveyor systems are up to speed, take a look at these three killers of conveyor efficiency.  Use this information to improve your manufacturing process or to make new conveyor system decisions.

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Internal Drum Motors or External Gear Motors: What’s Best for Your Food Conveyor System

DynaClean Drum MotorExternal gear motors and internal drum motors are the two basic options food processing companies have for driving their belt conveyors.  Choosing the motor type is a necessary part of selecting a food grade conveyor system.  Traditionally, food processing conveyors have included external gear motors as the belt-drive mechanism, but internal drum motors are an alternative that food processors should take a look at.

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7 Critical Considerations for Clean Room Conveyors

Selecting and installing clean room conveyors can dramatically improve your productivity.  Therefore, understanding your needs and recognizing the attributes of the conveyor systems you are considering is imperative.

When analyzing clean room conveyors, you should consider initial cost, total cost of ownership, maintenance needs, noise levels, energy consumption, flexibility and clean room classification.

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How to Successfully Convey Sticky Food Products

Looking for a way to convey sticky food products to a higher elevation?  Conveying sticky food products vertically can be extremely challenging for food processors and packagers.  Sticky food product can adhere to the conveyor belt and be difficult to release at the appropriate time; therefore, resulting in product loss.  Successfully conveying sticky food product requires selecting and using a conveyor system that is capable of conveying these problematic foods.

An extensive variety of food products can exhibit sticky characteristics.  Food products made of sugar or starches are inherently sticky and have a tendency to hold fast to the conveyor belt.

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Considerations a Plastic Molding Operation Should Make Before Purchasing Parts Conveyors

Parts Conveyors Are a Key Element to Your Plastic Processing Operation

DynaCon belt conveyors.

Parts Conveyors

There is much to be said about parts conveyors with respect to moving, sorting and distributing plastic molded parts. Designed to increase productivity, a parts conveyor system is one of the key elements to your plastic processing operation.  Although there are many types and styles, consider the following when evaluating your needs to convey your plastic parts out of and away from your machines:

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How to Choose Between an Angle Conveyor and a Z Conveyor Configuration

The Difference Between Using an Angle Conveyor and a Z Conveyor

Dynacon incline conveyor for parts conveying.

Angle Conveyor

Conveyors can have the ability to operate in a horizontal, incline, angle or Z style configuration.  When you need to get product to a higher elevation you can choose between an angle conveyor (think of a hockey stick configuration) or a Z style conveyor (some people refer to it as a swan neck configuration).  Before making your choice, take the time to compare the benefits of using the most common, an angle conveyor, and a non-standard Z Style conveyor.

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