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Food Grade Conveyor Belts: Understanding the Importance of Selecting the Right One

December 29, 2021

DynaClean conveyor with abrasive salt product

Food grade conveyor belts are a very important part of any sanitary conveyor system. The next time you are looking for a conveyor system for your food processing plant, make sure you match the capabilities of the conveyor belt with the products that you will be conveying.

It is recommended that you work with a reputable conveyor manufacturer.  In doing so, examine your specific application and determine how the sanitary conveyor will be used and at what point in your processing or packaging line. Be prepared to answer a few very important questions that will be used to dictate the ideal food grade conveyor belt provided with your sanitary conveyor:

  • What products will you be conveying?
  • What is the temperature of the products?
  • What are the product characteristics – dry, wet, sticky, abrasive, friable?
  • How frequently will the conveyor system need to be cleaned?
  • What chemicals will be used during cleaning?

The products that you will be running on the conveyor play a major role in selecting the ideal food grade conveyor belt for your conveyor system. For example, let’s say your facility processes foods that can be sticky. Some conveyor belts are designed to be better suited to release product at the point of transfer.

Similarly, abrasive ingredients such as sugar or cornmeal can wear and degrade food grade belts that aren’t made to hold up against rough or grainy foods. But there are conveyor belts created specifically to withstand these types of challenging products.

The consequences of making a poor conveyor belt selection can include belt breakages, unscheduled downtime, lower yield, higher costs, material degradation, and foreign material contamination.

Lean on the expertise of your conveyor manufacturer and consult with them early in the process. Your product is always top of mind for you, so keep it top of mind when discussing your sanitary conveyor needs with any trustworthy conveyor manufacturer. They have the knowledge and insight to recommend, design and build a conveyor system that will work seamlessly and run reliably with your food products.

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Jill Batka is the president of Dynamic Conveyor Corporation and has been in the conveyor business since 1994. An alumnus of Baker College, Jill’s previous experience in plastic injection molding has added to her expertise in conveying solutions that spans the entire Dynamic Conveyor product lineup. Jill pushed Dynamic Conveyor into the food processing industry in 2011 with DynaClean - a line of easy to clean food grade conveyors. More recently, Jill has further expanded the company’s product offerings with the Hybrid line of specialty conveyors that meet the most challenging demands of manufacturers. Her writing has been featured on industry websites including Plastics Technology. Outside of work, Jill is a board trustee for the Community Foundation for Muskegon County, has been a soccer team manager, and enjoys traveling, kayaking, 4-wheeling, and staying active outdoors.
Jill Batka
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What Could You Do with More Uptime in Your Food Processing Plant?

November 24, 2021

Food processing plants aren’t made to sit still. They’re intended to operate. They aren’t making money when they have stopped for any reason. Your job may be to minimize downtime and keep your food processing lines running. Stopping for preventative maintenance and cleaning are necessary. But you still want to minimize the time you are shut down in addition to any unexpected downtime.

Maximize Your Scheduled Downtime

While scheduled downtime is certainly necessary, it’s crucial to reduce that time frame as much as possible. Here are some recommended solutions.

Increase Sanitation Efficiency

Your food processing equipment’s sanitary design is where the battle to capture more uptime really begins. When choosing conveyors, consider equipment that offers easy access for cleaning so that sanitation crews can do a thorough job in as little time as possible. Sanitary conveyors with easy access have been proven to cut cleaning and sanitation times by 50% or more.

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How to Defend Your Plastic Scrap Grinder

October 27, 2021

ngled Incline Parts Conveyor Feeding Into Hopper

Plastic Scrap Grinders: Demand is growing for recycled plastics and plastic grinding is the fastest, easiest way to process your scrap plastic back into reusable material. Single shaft shredders, heavy duty granulators, beside the press grinders and pulverizers are integral pieces of size reduction equipment for the plastic recycling industry.

There is a little more to researching, selecting and investing in the ideal piece of size reduction equipment. In addition to the scrap grinder of choice, you should consider the equipment that will be used to feed the scrap plastic to the grinder.

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Manufacturing Day – A Reason to Celebrate

September 29, 2021

National Manufacturing Day is observed annually on the first Friday in October. Because it is so vital to the economy, Manufacturing Day is set aside to celebrate those who proudly stand behind the goods produced in the United States.

Manufacturing has grown for the past 14 consecutive months after contracting in April 2020 when the coronavirus triggered nationwide business shutdowns. Manufacturers in the United States account for 11.39% of the total output in the economy and employ 8.5% of the workforce. There was an average of 12.8 million manufacturing employees in the United States in 2020 with an annual compensation of $83,269.69 in 2019.

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