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Top Reasons Why You Should Attend PackExpo International Chicago 2018

PackExpo International is the largest and most comprehensive processing and packaging convention in North America and will take place October 14-17 in Chicago at McCormick Place.  More than 50,000 packaging and manufacturing professionals are preparing to attend.  Will you be there?  If you aren’t sure, then read on to learn why you should attend.

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Food Grade Conveyor Systems: What You Should Know Before You Buy

food grade conveyor systemsFood grade conveyor systems are necessary to automate food processing and manufacturing plants.  Food grade conveyor systems are a critical element in the facility’s operational efficiency and ultimately, the company’s profitability.  Conveyor technology is advancing and there are several things to consider before automatically choosing to purchase another stainless steel conveyor.  The following checklist can help you determine what type of conveyor system is most suitable where operational efficiency and profitability are of high importance:

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How to Eliminate Conveyor Belt Tracking Issues

Eliminate Conveyor Belt Tracking IssuesConveyor belt tracking issues are an unexpected maintenance issue that requires the conveyor system to be shut down, which in turn reduces or stops production.  The cost of lost production has an immediate impact on profitability and increases your total cost of ownership.

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Metal Detection Conveyors: Safeguard your products and machinery

Metal detector conveyorsMetal Detection Conveyors:  Plastic injection molding and blow molding processors don’t always recognize the importance of using metal detection conveyors as part of their parts processing lines. Metal contaminants can join or become incorporated with molded parts or scrap plastic as it is conveyed through various stages of the manufacturing process. Contamination can range from tiny particles worn off by equipment abrasion to entire nuts or bolts loosened by vibrations in processing machines. There’s also the human factor: Inevitably, items such as coins, pens and paperclips will occasionally fall into the product stream.

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