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Reconfigurable Food Grade Conveyors

DynaClean Z Style Conveyor (1)When conveying needs change, conveyors in the DynaClean food grade conveyor line can be rebuilt to create the new desired conveyor layout.  Existing conveyor segments can be re-used in combination with new segments to build a conveyor that works with your new process.  There is no need to throw the entire food conveyor into the conveyor boneyard.  Reconfigurable conveyor technology offers many advantages.

  • Make changes to your conveyor and keep it out of the scrap yard
  • Purchase and replace only the blue conveyor segments needed to change the length or angle(s) of the conveyor when food manufacturing or food packaging needs change    
  • The integrity of the conveyor remains the same before and after reconfiguration
  • Easily change belting styles and/or drive flights when product changes occur


"I understand the ease of changing the length with the ability to break it down and put it back together.  It is pretty cool!" -- Scott Thibault, President at J&M Foods