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Dynamic Conveyor Corporate Headquarters

Who We Are

Our Story

To better understand who we are at Dynamic Conveyor Corporation, it helps to know where we came from, how we we got here and where we are going.

Portable Conveyors Offered Little Flexibility

When Curtis Chambers discovered that there were no light-duty portable conveyors available to serve his needs as an injection molder, he entered the material handling industry in the mid 1970’s by becoming a conveyor manufacturer in Muskegon, Michigan. Conveyorette Products was created as a division of Pliant Plastics Corporation, a custom injection molding facility also founded by Chambers.

In 1989, a new belt conveyor line, modular in concept and primarily constructed of plastic injection molded components, was engineered. Dynamic Conveyor was officially formed as a corporation in January 1991. In June 1991, the DynaCon Modular Conveyor System (then known as the CON-NEX-IONS line) was introduced at the International Plastics Exposition (NPE) in Chicago. United States, European and Canadian patents were applied for and granted for the DynaCon modular conveyor system. Rotating cage and lift-pin separators, which enable parts separation of sprue/runner systems from injection molded parts, for the DynaCon line followed in 1992.

Further Innovation in Belt Conveyors

Since its original introduction, the DynaCon conveyor systems have improved and changed over the years. Developments have been made and optional accessory items, such as metal detectors, hoppers and cooling fans, have been added.

After several years of discussion, Dynamic Conveyor entered the food processing market in 2011 with a new line of easy to clean conveyors designed specifically for food processing and food packaging. The DynaClean sanitary conveyor line offers a simple design that allows easy access to the internal components of the conveyor. Under the same premise as the DynaCon conveyor line, the DynaClean food processing conveyors offer the food industry a line of plastic, custom conveyors that are eco-friendly, easy-to-clean, and save time and money. DynaClean food conveyors are custom built as Z Conveyors, Incline Conveyors, Bucket Conveyors and Flat Belt Conveyors.

To better meet specific and challenging conveyor needs, a line of specialty conveyors was introduced in early 2020.  All Hybrid™ specialty conveyors are custom designed specifically to meet the most demanding conveyance objectives, defined by the environment and/or the product being conveyed. Challenges such as limited spaces; high speeds; heavy loads; heavy impact; abrasive, hot or cold products are taken into consideration in the design of each conveyor.

Awards and Recognition

As a conveyor manufacturer, our team is driven to design and build custom conveyor systems that keep our customers’ processing lines running, and running as efficiently as possible. Because of this, we have been recognized as a leader in our community.

Michigan Top 50 to Watch

  • 1996, 1997, 1998 & 1999 — State of Michigan’s Fastest Growing Companies
  • 2000 — Family Friendly Business Award of Muskegon County
  • 2014 — Michigan Top 50 Companies to Watch Winner
  • 2014 — Michigan’s Economic Bright Spot Winner
  • 2014 — US Patent No. 8,919,541 for the DynaClean
  • 2015 — Silver Achievement Safety Award
  • 2016 — Gold Distinguished Safety Award
  • 2016 — US Patent No. 9,394,111 for the DynaClean
  • 2018 — Michigan’s Economic Bright Spot Winner
  • 2021 — Lakeshore Innovator of the Year Finalist

Our Vision

We will be the global leader of innovative conveyor solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our Core Values

  • Team Player:  Work together to achieve more.
  • Respectful:  Be considerate.  Respond in a timely manner.
  • Quality Focus:  Strive to do your best.  Take pride in your work.
  • Integrity:  Be honest.  Take responsibility for your actions.
  • Adaptable:  Open your mind to new ideas.  Be willing to change.

Our Commitment

Ensuring customer satisfaction by accurately building all orders; shipping on time; delivering damage-free; processing paperwork correctly; and providing continued support.