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Clean Room Conveyor

Get Clean Room Conveyor Capabilities with the Same Conveyor

Clean room conveyors are built using the same modules and components as our Hybrid conveyor line — there is no need to order a special conveyor to meet your dust free and clean room requirements. Hybrid modules are connected together to build the ideal medical device conveyor or pharmaceutical conveyor.

The Hybrid clean room conveyor system is an economical solution to achieving lean manufacturing in medical, pharmaceutical, healthcare, aerospace or semiconductor industries.

The Hybrid conveyor has been independently tested and meets Federal Standard 209D Class 1 (ISO Class 3) ratings.

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Benefits of our clean room conveyors

  • FDA approved belting with dust fringe hinge pins
  • No motor emissions with brushless DC motors
  • Grease packed gearboxes with no leaking oil
  • Maintenance-free, with no lubrication required
  • Quiet operation, below 50 dBA, with minimal vibration
  • Simple and efficient to clean
  • Medical device conveyors are portable and easy to move around in your clean room
  • Available in any flat, incline angle and Z-style conveyor configurations
  • DynaCon medical device conveyors can be configured and reconfigured as needs change

An employee in protective gear standing with a clipboard next to a Hybrid clean room conveyor