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Hybrid Integrated Conveyor Systems

A Hybrid integrated conveyor system can improve efficiency in your facility

Video Transcription:

(Man’s Voice)
Hi. My name is Paul Kuharevicz and today I’d like to show you a product line you might not be aware of: namely integrated conveyor systems. The key word there is systems. A system is a series of conveyors and accessories that are combined – integrated – both mechanically and electrically to provide a complete solution to whatever conveying issue you have in front of you. Behind me is a perfect example of one of these systems. Let me just point out some of the features of this particular system and keep it in mind for a system you might want in the future.

This particular customer wanted everything to be quick-change. Occasionally he would use this conveyor to fill a Gaylord, not really caring about the count or the weight, he was really just bulk filling. But other times he wanted to fill boxes very very accurately by weight, so this particular system conveyor had to come into the box filling system and couple with it. We use simple Destaco clamps that couple the z conveyor to the box filling platform. Very quick.

Additionally we made a quick change rail, he was using 2 different size boxes, so when the rail is down it’s accommodating the smaller box, when the rail is up it can accommodate the big box, all these changing taking mere seconds. The reason there’s 3 conveyors on this particular system is because he had to singulate the parts. The parts were coming 2-a-second which is pretty quick, and in order for us to weight them accurately we had to singulate them and pull a gap. So we’d convey them up to this particular conveyor, this second conveyor, going much faster than the first, and as the parts drop on, the parts start to pull a gap. The same exact thing happens when it hits the third conveyor, it’ll fall on to this conveyor going faster than number 2, and the third conveyor takes the parts into the box, single file.

Containment was a huge issue with this customer also. We built a containment cover that ensures that no parts will go on the floor. This particular customer said a part on the floor is a part not in the box, and therefore there would be a box that has the wrong number, so containment was huge. We built a custom cover to make sure everything stays where it needs to be.

Additionally, on that quick change theme, we built a chute that can accommodate the taller box, or it can be lowered into the second box. Again what we were most concerned with is containment, we don’t want any parts ever to be on the floor. Likewise an adjustable stop that adjusts in mere seconds was incorporated into the system. We use a very high quality Mettler Toledo scale, which after we singulate them, we’re assured that were going to get the accurate counts we’re looking for. This is just one example of an integrated conveyor system. The reason were making this video is to try to perhaps open your eyes so when you see challenges out there that need more engineered solutions, we’re very comfortable entertaining those challenges. Please feel free to like this video, share this video, and if you have any questions, please call us directly here at Dynamic Conveyor.