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DynaClean Heavy Meat Product Video

Food Handling Conveyor For Heavy Frozen Meat


Video Transcription

(Man’s voice)
Hey welcome back to Dynamic Conveyor!

Boy am I glad we caught you on this one. This is a beauty and we ambushed it on it’s way to the trucking well. Shipping guys already packing it up but we just had to show you some unique features about this DynaClean system.

Now most of you all are familiar with a DynaClean food grade conveyor and this is exactly the same thing only it’s all about the belt on this one.

Had to be a little bit different for this customer, he’s loading 30lbs of frozen meat on this belt. So he had to have indestructible flights and a big indestructible belt. Now this belt is FDA approved. You saw how it breaks open at the hinges, easy to wash out.

But it was all based around this customer’s application and his need. And when you’re designing a conveyor for the right job, you have to start with the right belt. So that’s why we built this one the way we did, it’s heading out the door today to a customer of ours. We’re excited to show it to you.

If you have a unique operation or a unique need, give us a call, hit our website up. Here at dynamic conveyor, we’ll keep your lines running.

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