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DynaCon modular conveyors

DynaCon Rapid Parts Cooling with Water

Rapid Parts Cooling with a DynaCon Conveyor Submerged in a Water Tank

Video Transcription

(Man’s Voice)
Hey, welcome back to Dynamic Conveyor!

Let me show you a unique conveyor system we just built that solved one of customer’s major problems. What he had going on was he has really hot plastic parts coming out of a press. Up until now he was traveling them up a conveyor and they had to sit and rest and cool someplace before he could take them to a secondary operation. Well that was costing too much time and handling them twice, plus his parts were deforming as they were dumping into a tote.

So he was like, “can you help me out?” Sure we can! What you need is a water tank cooling conveyor system. So now his parts will fall into this big stainless steel tank that’s submerged in water and as his parts travel up here of course they’re cooling off and they’re coming up here at a nice cool temperature for him to take them to his next operation.

So this is an example of a very interesting application problem a customer had. We deal with it a couple times a year, we’re happy to build a water tank cooling process for you. And if you need any other help or have any questions give us a call here at Dynamic Conveyor, we’ll help keep your lines running.