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How Superheroes at a Custom Conveyor Manufacturer Combat COVID-19

April 29, 2020

Superheroes can be found at a custom conveyor manufacturerBeing an essential custom conveyor manufacturer is quite an honor. It’s an honor that I didn’t recognize until we found ourselves in a new world where we are all fighting an invisible enemy – COVID-19.

As I look around me and wonder “how are we going to get through this? How are we going to win this fight?” — I see the answer. I see superheroes. I see the wife of an employee and I see the girlfriend of another employee. Both of these women are nurses. They give un-selflessly every day as they care for the sick. They are superheroes.

I see our production manager leave work, after a long day, knowing that she is going home to sew masks. To sew even more masks than she did the evening or weekend before. She donates the supplies, her time and her talents so that others can stay safe. She is a superhero.

I see one of our production employees donate his time and resources. In his spare time he operates a small business out of his garage. But last weekend he didn’t spend his time making parts for a paying customer. Instead, he made ear guards. Ear guards that he will donate to keep the elastic straps on masks from irritating the ears of those who must wear masks for many hours at a time. He is a superhero.

I also see enthusiasm in our employees. They feel the honor that has been granted our company.  As a custom conveyor manufacturer, we have been given the opportunity to build conveyor systems that will be used in the production of N95 respirator masks. I got to see pride at work as our team pulled together to build and ship modular conveyors in record time – just three (3) days. Our employees are superheroes.

As a custom conveyor manufacturer, we continue to be an essential supplier of conveyor systems to the food, pharmaceutical, medical device and defense industries. And we are grateful for our customers who have given us the ability to maintain business as usual.

But, my employees and I find it a true honor to have a part in the fight against coronavirus.  Our modular conveyor systems are giving one customer the ability to increase their production levels, at unprecedented rates, in order to meet the increased demand of N95 masks.

There are superheroes all around me. And I believe that it is because of these superheroes that we will win the fight against the coronavirus.

If a custom conveyor system can help you in this fight, then we are here for you.

Stay safe, stay positive and be well.

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