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DynaCon modular conveyors

Cable E-Stop for DynaCon Modular Conveyors

Demonstration of a cable E-stop on a DynaCon modular conveyor system

Video Transcription:

(Man’s Voice)
Hi my name is Paul Kuharevicz and today I’m going to show you a new standard offering we have for the DynaCon conveyor, our modular conveyor line.

Traditionally through the years we’ve offered E-stops in a button fashion. In other words, you’d get a mushroom button here, hit it, and the conveyor stops. You’d have to go through your reset process, conveyor comes back on; but to use a mushroom button, you have to be close to the mushroom button. In a short conveyor that’s fine, but in a longer coveyor that really isn’t very practical. Very often people want protection all the way through their conveyor, so in that case we are going to offer a trolley style, cable style e-stop.

E-stops are very very simple and I think you probably get the idea already, but were going to have to use a little imagination. The conveyor, pretend, is running right now and someone on the line decides there’s an emergency so they’re merely going to have to push down on the cable. You’ll notice that the conveyor goes off. It is a safety e-stop, in other words, there’s 2 things that have to happen to start the conveyor back up. First the operator has to pull this switch back up, come back over to the control, hit the reset here, and the conveyor starts back up. It’s a very very simple system, I think it’s very intuitive, but it’s important that I’m telling you that we’re offering this as a standard now. And then when you call the STM’s, the sales territory managers, they’re very aware of this new offering and you just have to ask for the cable style e-stop.

Additionally I’m just showing this e-stop in a straight configuration now, but if you want to you want, you can run the cable up through the entire conveyor, in this case a z-style conveyor. To do that you use an eye bolt, and the eye bolts are put in at the inflection points. Again the calbe will be strung through the eye bolt, up the angle and straighten back out after it goes through this eye bolt. The cable style e-stop is very very simple. I just want to bring it to your attention. If you have any questions at all concerning this new option, this new accessory, please call us here at Dynamic Conveyor Corporation. Thank you.