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Dynamic Conveyor Celebrates 25 Years

By March 23, 2016September 9th, 2021No Comments

January 2016 — Dynamic Conveyor Corporation is proud to be celebrating 25 years of conveyor manufacturing. With a need to move parts out of his plastic injection molding machines, founder Curtis Chambers began building conveyors. Over the past 25 years Dynamic Conveyor has grown to become a leader in the design and building of innovative conveyor solutions to the parts manufacturing and food processing industries.

Dynamic Conveyor Corporation introduced the DynaCon conveyor system to the injection molding industry in 1991. The DynaCon® conveyor systems offer parts manufacturers the ability to build their own conveyors using modules (like Lego® building blocks) to configure and later reconfigure their conveyor layouts. Modules are built using plastic injection molded parts, which bring strength and durability to the conveyor system, while remaining light-weight enough to be easily reconfigured. Reconfiguration of DynaCon conveyors offers an eco-friendly and sustainable solution.

The DynaClean™ line of conveyors was introduced to food processors in 2011 as a cost saving alternative to traditional stainless steel conveyors. DynaClean conveyors offer a patented design that is simple, quick and easy to disassemble and clean. There are no tools needed, no small parts to lose, and no nooks and crannies to clean. DynaClean conveyors have a very open design with no place for food or bacteria to hide and are much easier to clean than traditional food processing conveyors. DynaClean conveyors are known in the food processing industry for reducing cleaning times in half.

All conveyors offered by Dynamic Conveyor provide flexibility of design which includes choices for length, width, inclines, declines, lateral turns, belt styles and an array of accessory options. The systems are designed to require no maintenance, lubrication or need for belt tracking.

Dynamic Conveyor is a second generation business owned by the daughters of founder, Curtis Chambers.  “Our 25th anniversary has given us the opportunity to celebrate the past and plan for the future. We are very proud of our history and appreciate the customer loyalty we have experienced over the past 25 years. We strive to offer products that provide cost-saving advantages to our customers and are looking forward to continuing for the next 25 years and beyond,” said Jill Batka, president at Dynamic Conveyor.

For more information about Dynamic Conveyor and our products, visit or call 800.640.6850.