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Variable Height Adjustment Now Offered on DynaCon® Conveyors

By June 17, 2015September 9th, 2021No Comments

June 17, 2015 — The option for variable height adjustment is now available and offers an efficient, ergonomic operation on any DynaCon straight, incline or Z style conveyor.  Height adjustments up to 15” are easily achieved by one person, either manually with a hand crank or with a push button electric motor.  Adjusting the conveyor height has never been so easy.

DynaCon conveyor systems offer parts manufacturers the ability to build their own conveyor systems using modules (like Lego® building blocks) to configure and later reconfigure their conveyor layouts.  Flexibility of design includes choices for length, width, inclines, declines, lateral turns, belt styles and an array of accessory options.  Modules are built using plastic injection molded parts, which bring strength and durability to the systems while being light-weight enough to be portable.   The systems are designed to require no maintenance, lubrication or need for belt tracking.  Reconfiguration of the DynaCon systems offers an eco-friendly and sustainable conveying solution.

View a video showing the adjustable height option or learn how easy it is to configure and reconfigure DynaCon conveyor systems, call 1-800-640-6850 or visit