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Let Dynamic Conveyor help you design a conveyor system that saves you money. More...

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Reconfigurable Conveyor Solutions

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DynaCon® modular conveyor systems and DynaClean™ food grade conveyor systems offer sustainable conveying solutions.  Our custom conveyors are designed to allow the conveyors to be easily configurable and reconfigurable.  Conveyor sides are built using plastic, which is strong and durable, yet light-weight enough for numerous uses as portable conveyors. 

DynaCon conveyors  are ideal for parts or product conveying and offer flexibility of design which includes choices for length, width, inclines, declines, lateral turns, belt styles and an array of accessory options.  Standard accessory options include quality built radius turns, metal detection, clean room, water tanks, cooling fans, box filling, split belt, ergonomic tilt, etc.  DynaCon conveyors offer a low cost of ownership by being maintenance free, energy efficient and cost effective to repair. 

DynaClean conveyors  are ideal for wash down environments where cleanliness and sanitation is a must, such as food processing and food packaging.  Custom designs include options for width, length, inclines, declines, turns and belt styles to meet the needs of wet, dry or sticky foods.  DynaClean conveyors are easy and quick to clean and sanitize.

Our conveyors can be reconfigured again and again to last a lifetime!

    Three conveyors


               DynaClean Z Style Conveyor (2)        


         Radius Turn Conveyor



     DynaClean Flat Food Conveyor

Variable Height Adjustment Now Offered

The option for variable height adjustment is now available and offers an efficient, ergonomic operation on any DynaCon straight, incline or Z style conveyor.  Height adjustments up to 15” are easily achieved by one person, either manually with a hand crank or with a push button electric motor.  Adjusting the conveyor height has never been so easy.

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Synchronized Sidewalls Now Available

Dynamic Conveyor Corporation, the leading manufacturer of easy to clean conveyor systems for the food industry, now offers ThermoDrive solid surface synchronized sidewall belting on its DynaClean™ conveyor line.  Using synchronized sidewalls on a DynaClean conveyor offers improved control and containment of small or fragile food products.   

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A Firm Grasp On Its Craft

The most difficult aspect of opening Griffin Claw Brewing Company wasn't building the 12,000-square-foot taproom and production facility.

 FOOD Manufacturing Magazine

Armac, Inc. to Represent Dynamic Conveyor’s Products to the Food Processing Industry

Dynamic Conveyor Corporation announced today that Armac, Inc. has joined Dynamic Conveyor’s team of conveyor sales agencies.  Armac, Inc. is based in Lynnfield, MA and will work with food processors and packagers in New England for their conveying needs.  In addition to sanitary food conveyor systems, Armac offers a variety of equipment to meet the needs of the food processing industry.

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Business Journal Names President of Dynamic Conveyor as Finalist for Top Women Owned Businesses

The Grand Rapids Business Journal has named 32 finalists for its Top Women Owned Businesses awards.  Jill Batka, president of Dynamic Conveyor, a small manufacturing firm that designs and builds custom conveyors for the manufacturing and food processing industries, is one of those finalists.

All 32 will be honored on March 4 at Top Women Owned Businesses: A Celebration of Women Entrepreneurs at the JW Marriott International Ballroom in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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The Only Conveyor that Can be Reconfigured on Display at NPE

Dynamic Conveyor will be presenting a variety of DynaCon® Conveyor Systems to the plastics industry at NPE ’15 in Orlando, Florida.  DynaCon conveyor systems offer customization using standard components and a variety of accessory options to create the ideal conveying system.  Reconfigurability and the ease of adding accessories offers systems that are so flexible that purchasing replacement parts conveyors may never be necessary again. 

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Patent Issued for DynaClean Conveyors

Dynamic Conveyor Corporation announced today the issuance to it by the US Patent Office of a patent that gives the ability for quick conveyor belt access which is necessary for the accelerated cleaning process desired by the food processing and packaging industry.  The patent for invention number 8,919,541 is for a quick-release conveyor belt containment device that gives easy access to the conveyor belt and inner-components of the conveyor for quick and easy cleaning and sanitizing.  Without the need for tools, components can be removed in a matter of minutes giving complete exposure to the inside of the food conveyor system. 

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Hear About DynaClean Conveyors at PackExpo

Hear all about the DynaClean food conveyor line at PackExpo.
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A Variety of Solid Surface Belting Options Now Available

Dynamic Conveyor Corporation, the leading manufacturer of easy to clean conveyor systems for the food industry, now offers a variety of solid surface belting on its DynaClean™ food conveyor line.

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New Vertical Z Conveyor to Be Introduced at PackExpo

Dynamic Conveyor is introducing a vertical z-style conveyor at the upcoming PackExpo, in Chicago, in November.  The DynaClean conveyor reduces the cost of ownership by offering a design that is much easier to clean than bucket conveyors.

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Dynamic Conveyor Honored as Michigan Economic Bright Spot

Dynamic Conveyor Corporation has been named one of Michigan’s Economic Bright Spots by Corp! Magazine.  The award recognizes Michigan companies and entrepreneurs who are a driving force in our economy and state’s innovation.   The Muskegon based conveyor company received recognition in early June.

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