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Magna Mirrors in Newaygo, Michigan produces injection molded mirror components for the automotive industry.


Facing labor challenges, Magna wanted to automate as much of their existing production processes as possible across 5 injection molding bays including over 45 presses.


As a long time customer of Dynamic Conveyor, the Magna team engaged Dynamic Conveyor to collaboratively develop an automation solution that could be implemented on a relatively short timeline. A centralized trunkline solution for each bay, fed by takeout conveyors from a robot cage at each injection molding machine was identified as the most appropriate solution. The integrated solution required over 100 DynaCon conveyors to implement.


The solution eliminated the need for operators at each injection molding machine and allowed available labor to manage product coming from a single trunkline conveyor in each bay to centralized assembly areas.

The modularity of the DynaCon system was critical to the success of the project as it allowed reconfiguration, and layout improvements as the project progressed without the additional expense of engineering and manufacturing new conveyors.

In just six months Magna realized a return on investment of over 1 million dollars.