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Watch below as cookies are transported using a DynaClean conveyor at J&M Foods, a cookie and baked goods manufacturer.

“With this system we no longer need to remove the belt to clean it, and it takes half the time it did with the old system.”

Scott Thibault, President for J&M Foods

Video Transcription:

(Scott Thibault)
DynaClean’s been perfect to work with, they’re nothing but professional and the conveyor is a vast improvement over what we’ve had in the past.
It’s much easier to break down, washdown, it reduces our labor at the end of each shift just washing it down.
Without tools we can break it apart and clean it.
I think our staff really enjoys the ease with which they can work on it.

(J&M Staff Member)
The clean-up of this conveyor, it pulls apart easily and then we just hose it down with the pressure washer you know with all this powdered sugar dust, it cleans easily.
That’s one of the benefits to it, it pops apart without any tools.
It’s easier to expand or reduce the size of the conveyor in 4 foot increments. It just bolts together.

(Scott Thibault)
It’s really been a great addition to our equipment, a nice conveyor.