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How to Find the Ideal Conveyor for Auto-Bagging Commercial & Industrial Laundry

Commercial and industrial laundry service companies are responsible for ensuring that the laundry in their care has been hygienically treated and cleaned. This has become more important than ever as businesses are striving to stay safe and keep their doors open.

Conveyor systems are a key element when developing an efficient process for cleaning soiled linens, towels, uniforms, and workplace supplies. In an automated laundry process, conveyors play a crucial role in feeding cleaned laundry to a packaging machine where it is sealed in a bag and then taken away by an outfeed conveyor.

Although there are many conveyor types and styles, consider the following when evaluating the conveyor needs for your clean laundry bagging process:

Ease & Cost of Repair:  Damaged conveyors, belts and accessories can be time-consuming to replace.  Look for conveyor systems that can be repaired quickly and easily without specialized labor.

Belts are usually the most costly replacement item on any conveyor. The typical lifetime of a PVC conveyor belt is 18 months. Replacing an entire belt every 1 to 2 years can quickly deplete your maintenance budget. In comparison, plastic link style belting can be easily repaired without the need to replace the entire belt when damage occurs.

Portability:  Determine whether or not the conveyor will be needed for more than one process or at more than one location. Fixed metal conveyors are heavy and not easily moved. Plastic modular conveyors are lightweight and can be easily rolled from one location to another.

Flexibility:  If your take-away methods come in a variety of sizes or are ever-changing, then look for a conveyor system can that be easily modified. Unlike fixed metal conveyors, plastic modular conveyors give you the ability to easily remove, insert and/or exchange conveyor modules to create a new conveyor configuration. With a plastic modular conveyor system you will be able to easily add or remove a module to adjust the discharge height of the conveyor.

When automating your commercial and industrial laundry bagging process, plastic modular conveyors are sure to give you the best return on your investment.

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Jill Batka is the president of Dynamic Conveyor Corporation and has been in the conveyor business since 1994. An alumnus of Baker College, Jill’s previous experience in plastic injection molding has added to her expertise in conveying solutions that spans the entire Dynamic Conveyor product lineup. Jill pushed Dynamic Conveyor into the food processing industry in 2011 with DynaClean - a line of easy to clean food grade conveyors. More recently, Jill has further expanded the company’s product offerings with the Hybrid line of specialty conveyors that meet the most challenging demands of manufacturers. Her writing has been featured on industry websites including Plastics Technology. Outside of work, Jill is a board trustee for the Community Foundation for Muskegon County, has been a soccer team manager, and enjoys traveling, kayaking, 4-wheeling, and staying active outdoors.
Jill Batka