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Canberra Corporation manufacturers cleaning chemicals for the commercial, institutional, and industrial markets.


The company used stainless-steel conveyors for their bottle filling and capping line with highly corrosive products such as hydrochloric acid, hydrogen peroxide and bleach. The stainless-steel conveyor systems utilized were rapidly corroding resulting in frequent repair, maintenance, and replacement of equipment. Because of the harsh environment, the stainless-steel conveyors were painted with epoxy paint for additional protection, however this did not eliminate the debilitating corrosion. In addition, the chain-link belt would stick, creating a pulsating motion and causing the labels and bottle codes to be applied improperly. Maintenance and repairs to the stainless-steel conveyor systems were costly and difficult to sustain.


Martin Sikula, Director of Maintenance and Engineering at Canberra, met Dynamic Conveyor at Pack Expo International. The engineering team at Dynamic Conveyor listened to the current challenges and desired outcomes and developed two custom Hybrid conveyor solutions consisting of completely chemical resistant and full modular HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) crossbars and sidewalls.  Every component was engineered with non-corrosive conveyor materials including belts, sidewalls, crossmembers and fasteners resulting in a durable, easy to clean conveyor solution that is inert to high and low pH liquids.


After six years of use, no major maintenance or repairs have been needed on the equipment, resulting in zero downtime and lower labor costs. Both conveyor systems are easy to clean with water and can get cleaned daily. The systems make an easy and low friction path allowing for smooth and high-quality label and coding application. Martin said, “Dynamic Conveyor was efficient in their communication, using 3D CAD design to present the solution. They were easy to work with and found a long-term solution to our challenges.”

The company has saved an estimated $20,000 over a six-year period on repairs and conveyor replacements. Current investments are on general cleanup and preventative maintenance of conveyor drives.

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