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large heavy parts conveyorLarge Heavy Plastic Parts Conveyed on Plastic Conveyor System

February 12, 2021 — A new model in the Hybrid™ line of conveyors has the capability of conveying large heavy plastic molded parts. Designed and manufactured by Dynamic Conveyor Corporation, the new high-impact conveyor model is sure to increase plastic molding efficiencies for conveyance of large heavy plastic parts.

This new high-impact conveyor model is designed to include a heavy-duty plastic link style belt and a slider-bed drop zone. Incorporating the drop zone and heavy-duty belting allows the conveyor to endure the intense impact that occurs repeatably when heavy products are dropped onto the conveyor.

Each high-impact Hybrid conveyor utilizes the same design principles while meeting the specific needs of each customers’ molding process.  Unlimited angle options allow the creation of the exact inclines and declines to fit into the most precise spaces or integrate perfectly with other equipment.

The high-impact Hybrid conveyor can operate for an endless amount of time without the need for maintenance interruptions.  The heavy-duty link style belt is self-tracking and does not need tensioning or frequent replacement that is common with most conveyor systems.

As in any manufacturing process, mishaps occur and can shut down the plastic molding process. Due to its ease of repair, the Hybrid conveyor promises minimal down time in these unplanned situations. Sidewalls and link-style belting are made from plastic and can be replaced quickly and easily without specialized labor or the need to replace the entire conveyor and/or belt.

Watch the video, visit or call 231.798.1483 for more information on Hybrid high-impact conveyors.

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Marcie Palmer