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Maintenance-free conveyors signConveyor systems, even maintenance-free conveyors, are machines with many moving parts. Inspection and cleaning will be required if you want to keep your maintenance-free conveyor system exempt of maintenance and get the most out of your conveyor investment.

Inspection and cleaning will help prevent minor problems from mushrooming into large maintenance problems that can result in major work stoppages for your conveyor system. Your conveyor maintenance personnel should develop a routine for inspecting and cleaning your conveyor systems.  Careful records detailing periodic inspection and cleaning should be kept and recorded.

Even with maintenance-free conveyors, good record keeping will help inspection and repair staff quickly recognize maintenance needs if they start to occur. With proper documentation, maintenance staff can recognize the need to clean more frequently, discover if employees are improperly using the conveyor system or determine other causes of wear and tear on your conveyor system.

Under ordinary operating conditions, the motor, belt and conveyor frame should be checked periodically for abnormal wear or stress. Under high speed or continuous use conditions, more frequent inspection is encouraged.  Under dirty or greasy operating conditions, a daily inspection of the belt, belt paths and belt supports is recommended. The need for cleaning should be identified during each inspection process and conducted whenever necessary.

Whether your inspection and cleaning routine is needed periodically, frequently or daily, make sure to build it into your schedule. Scheduling it ahead of time allows your staff to do the work without unexpectedly interrupting your production process.

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