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Kredo, Inc. is a company that offers fundraising programs, products, and services to schools and organizations across the United States. They have multiple brands under one company and mainly rely on product sales, such as spirit wear and gourmet foods, to generate funds. Their shipping methods involve cartons or soft mailer packaging for these products.

In 2022, Kredo faced a challenge when a sudden surge in business caused their orders to increase by 130%. The team struggled to process outbound packages promptly, and the manual processes and label application solutions they had used in the past were no longer effective. This created a need for an automated solution that could help Kredo keep up with its growth, particularly during the peak order season from August to November.

A DynaRoller powered roller conveyor in a facility for cartons and soft mailer packages


After an exhaustive search and evaluation of several proposed solutions, Kredo partnered with integrator Tension Packaging & Automation. They chose Tension because of their consultative approach, expert insights, and creative problem-solving. Tension, in partnership with Dynamic Conveyor Corporation, proposed a SLAM (scan, label, apply, manifest) solution for Kredo. The system includes DynaRoller, a zone-powered conveyor system. The integrated system moves packages down a conveyor line, weighs and provides package dimensions, prints a shipping label, and automatically applies the label to the carton. 


The result was impressive as Tension Packaging & Automation and Dynamic Conveyor presented an automated packaging solution that helped Kredo save valuable warehouse space while providing fast, efficient shipping. During the peak season, Kredo increased throughput by 300%, and the error rates were lowered to 0.13%. The new system allowed Kredo to process 20 packages per minute, which was an improvement from the previous five packages per minute.

“We were most impressed with the team from Tension Packaging & Automation and Dynamic Conveyor Corporation.  They tailored the solution specifically for us in a way that was responsive, supportive, knowledgeable, and efficient. – Matt Rutledge, Chief Technology Officer, Kredo.

A DynaRoller zone powered roller conveyor in a manufacturing facility with packages being conveyed on it