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ngled Incline Parts Conveyor Feeding Into Hopper

Plastic Scrap Grinders: Demand is growing for recycled plastics and plastic grinding is the fastest, easiest way to process your scrap plastic back into reusable material. Single shaft shredders, heavy duty granulators, beside the press grinders and pulverizers are integral pieces of size reduction equipment for the plastic recycling industry.

There is a little more to researching, selecting and investing in the ideal piece of size reduction equipment. In addition to the scrap grinder of choice, you should consider the equipment that will be used to feed the scrap plastic to the grinder.

In addition to the investment, you should consider insurance. The insurance you purchase shouldn’t be a written policy, but a secondary piece of equipment that will ensure that the scrap plastic being fed to your grinder will not include contaminants and cause damage to your grinding equipment.

Plastic Scrap Incline Conveyor

In lieu of an insurance policy, metal detector

 conveyors are ideal for inspecting plastic scrap for metal contaminants as scrap is conveyed to the grinder. Early detection of metal can prevent severe damage to grinder blades.

Metal detection conveyors are capable of detecting all metals – steel, aluminum, copper, brass and stainless steel. Electronic controls have a built-in diagnostics circuit, which monitors all functions of the unit’s metal detector. In the event of a fault, the conveyor will be stopped and an audible and/or visual alarm will display.

Plastic injection molding and blow molding processors don’t always recognize the importance of including metal detection conveyors as a part of their scrap grinding process. Let a metal detector conveyor keep your product under strict surveillance and prevent unnecessary machine downtime and costly maintenance in your plant.

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Marcie Palmer