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DynaCon conveyor.

Assembly Assistance

Below you’ll find assembly instructions and video tutorials for DynaCon conveyors and accessories. If you are still having trouble, please contact our support team for additional assistance.

DynaCon Standard Profile Conveyors:

DynaCon parts conveyors

DynaCon Assembly Instructions

00:00 Introduction

00:40 Owner’s Manual/Assembly Instructions

01:58 Tools Required

02:37 Layout Modules per CAD Drawing

05:25 T-Base Leg Assembly

11:06 Attaching Peg Legs

13:47 Assemble all Modules Using “Dog Bone” Connector

17:04 Attach T-Base Leg to the Conveyor

20:58 Finish Conveyor/Leg Assembly

26:59 Control Box

27:30 Installing the Belt

32:26 Lacing Belt Together with Lacing Rod

34:12 Re-Install Feed End Cover Caps

35:15 Start the Conveyor

Catenary Sag Module Installation


4″ to 24″ Wide Belting Installation

24″ and Wider Belting Installation

Radius Turn Belting Installation

Belt Tensioning

Leg Supports:

Conveyor Leg Set Assembly


Cable E-Stop Installation

Inside Gap Filler Installation

Metal Detector Installation

Powered Transfer Conveyor Installation

DynaCon Low Profile Conveyors:Low Profile Conveyor

Low Profile Conveyor Assembly Instructions

Parts Separators:Sleeve Style Tumbler Separator

Tumbler Separator Assembly Instructions