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DynaCon Conveyors Offered Through 3-Day Quick Ship Program

By April 3, 2020July 26th, 2023No Comments

Conveyor Quick Ship ProgramApril 3, 2020 — Dynamic Conveyor Corporation, the leading manufacturer of conveyor systems for the parts manufacturing and packaging industries, now offers a Quick Ship Program as part of its DynaCon modular conveyor line.  The 3-Day Quick Ship Program is designed to help customers meet their immediate conveying needs.

DynaCon modular parts conveyors: flat, z, angle.With the Quick Ship program, Dynamic Conveyor can build a custom conveyor to meet the specific needs of customers by selecting standard components and modules that are pre-built and stocked at the plant in Norton Shores, Michigan.  Conveyor modules in widths of 12”, 18” or 24” can be selected to build conveyors as long as 15 feet and in configurations that include horizontal, angle and Z-style.  Leg supports allow for conveyor heights as low as 1-1/2” off the floor to heights up to 75”.

Conveyors ordered through the 3-Day Quick Ship Program can be considered DynaCon “starter sets”.  DynaCon reconfigurable conveyor systems are similar to Lego® building blocks, where conveyor modules can be added or removed to change the length or configuration of the conveyor system.

Conveyor re-configurability is enhanced by a vast array of options and accessories that can be added and/or removed from the conveyor systems as needed.  Accessory options to aid parts conveyance include chutes, hoppers, part containment, drop zones, transfers and diverting arms.  Covers, enclosures, guarding and metal detection can be added when additional safety measures need to be taken.  If the need arises for a clean room conveyor, be mindful that all DynaCon conveyors meet the Federal Standard 209D Class 1 (ISO Class 3) clean room rating.  In addition, options such as ionizers and HEPA filter tunnels can be added.

Click here for more information, including a video, on 3-Day Quick Ship Conveyors, visit or call 231.798.1483.