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picture of conveyors with sanitary food conveyor beltThe sanitary food conveyor belt can be the most costly wear component on your conveyor system.  There are several things to consider when excessive conveyor belt wear becomes apparent.  Before spending the money to replace the belt, take the time to inspect the food conveyor.  Replacing the belt alone most likely will not solve the problem.

Don’t throw money at the problem by replacing the sanitary food conveyor belt before investigating the problem.  Take the time to look over the conveyor and find the issue that is causing the conveyor belt wear.

Are you seeing excessive sanitary food conveyor belt wear?  If so, one of these six things are most likely your issue:

  1. The belt is running under tension. Remove the tensioning device and run the belt loose.
  2. The belt is too wide for the conveyor frame dimensions. Replace the existing belt with one that has been trimmed to the correct dimensions (typically 0.25 inch (6 mm) trimmed from each side of the belt.
  3. The belt is binding in the conveyor frame. Check the conveyor frame to ensure it is level and square.  Look to make sure the sidewall frame isn’t warped and make sure the removable retaining walls are seated properly.   If it’s a flat conveyor, make sure the belt is running under the belt containment guides.
  4. Improper support on the returnway. Belts should be supported with returnway rails on both sides of the belt.
  5. The drive flights are contacting obstructions on the conveyor frame, returnway or adjacent equipment. Eliminate obstructions to the flight travel.  Check the conveyor frame to ensure it is level and square.  Correct any conditions causing the belt to run or bind.  Inspect for proper belt containment.  Check for proper belt containment and clearance at the position limiter.
  6. Product is being introduced to the conveyor at a high impact. Reduce or eliminate high product impact on the belt by slowly introducing your product with a chute or feeder.

It’s important to your bottom line to find the sanitary food conveyor belt problem and fix it before replacing the damaged belt.   Contact Dynamic Conveyor for a quality built sanitary food conveyor that does away with sanitary conveyor belt issues.

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Marcie Palmer