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What to consider when looking for an Industrial Wax Conveyor

January 18, 2018

A Less Costly Way for Conveying Wax Pastilles

Conveying wax pastilles can be a difficult and costly process.  Many companies choose to use auger style conveyors, but others have found great success with food grade belt conveyors.DynaClean Z Conveyor with synchronized belt for conveying wax pastilles

Product Jams
Auger style conveyors can only run for short periods of time before they become jammed with product.  The run time can be as short as an hour before workers have to totally disassemble the auger and clean it.  It takes 2-3 employees 30 minutes to an hour to disassemble and clean the auger.  Belt conveyors with a simple open conveyor design do not have nooks and crannies where product can become lodged.  Belt conveyors can run 24/7 or until there is a need to stop the process and change the batch.

Product Loss
Damage to product can occur in more than one way when conveying wax pastilles on auger style conveyors.  When the auger gets jammed with product, the product that gets plugged up in the auger must be thrown away.  Friction causes heat which melts wax and causes it to turn black.  A belt conveyor with synchronized sidewalls allows the wax to be contained on the belt without touching the sides of the conveyor.  Containing the wax on the belt eliminates any friction the product may cause while traveling on the conveyor.  Any black wax found in a batch must be discarded by the manufacturer.  The whole batch is considered a loss.

Cleaning Times
When it is time to convey a different product or batch, the belt on a plastic belt conveyor can be quickly and easily removed.  One employee can change a belt in a matter of minutes.  If the processor only runs one product on the conveyor they may only need to clean it once a week versus cleaning an auger once an hour.

Floor Space
Auger conveyors typically require a large amount of floor space to move product a few feet.  Belt conveyors are custom designed and built to use minimal floor space for bringing product to the desired height.

For increased productivity it is important to consider conveyor down time, cleaning time and labor, product damage, and floor space requirements before purchasing your next system for conveying wax pastilles.

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