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Part of the Dynamic Conveyor team at NPE 2024After six long years, the plastics industry had a monumental reunion at the recent NPE trade show in Orlando, FL, marking the largest gathering of plastics professionals, innovators, and enthusiasts since 2018. The event was a vibrant showcase of cutting-edge technology, revolutionary products, and insightful discussions that highlighted the industry’s future potential. As an innovative leader in the material handling industry starting with our flagship product line, the DynaCon modular plastic belt conveyor, it was our pleasure and honor to take part. Here’s our recap of this monumental event.

Conveyor Reconfigurability and Modularity: The Game Changer

Dynamic Conveyor's booth at NPE 2024The most attractive and talked-about features in our trade show booth were reconfigurability and modularity of conveyors. This design concept not only captivated attendees but also promises to redefine operational efficiency across the industry. The ability to easily modify and adapt conveyor systems means that manufacturers can respond swiftly to changing production demands, optimize workflow, and reduce downtime. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for facilities that handle a diverse range of products and need to maintain high levels of productivity.

Modular conveyors also represent resource preservation and cost efficiency within manufacturing operations. Unlike traditional conveyor systems, which often require the costly and wasteful replacement of the entire unit when damaged or reconfiguration is needed, modular conveyors allow for the easy replacement of individual components. This reconfigurable conveyor design ensures that only the specific parts in need of repair are addressed, drastically reducing both material waste and downtime. By minimizing the need for comprehensive replacements, modular conveyors not only lower operational costs but also contribute to more sustainable practices, aligning with growing environmental priorities in the industry. The DynaCon conveyor works like building blocks – make it what length and style you wish for now and just add modules and angles to reconfigure as you need.

Automation: The Future for All Scales of Injection Molders and Extruders

Automation was a central theme throughout the event, with a strong focus on how it can help both small and large-scale operations. From injection molders to extruders, automation technologies are being embraced to enhance precision, reduce labor costs, and increase throughput.

The trade show featured numerous demonstrations of automated systems, including robotics and advanced control systems, showcasing their potential to streamline processes and improve consistency in production. This trend signifies a major shift towards smarter, more efficient manufacturing practices within the plastics industry.

Since this industry was last together, Dynamic Conveyor has added automation and a full controls engineering team to its menu of products and services making the show a valuable opportunity to share the addition of customer offerings.

Product Filing and Indexing: Essential for Parts Manufacturers

Product filing and indexing appeared as a crucial topic for parts manufacturers, emphasizing its importance in supporting accuracy and efficiency in production lines. Proper indexing ensures that each part is positioned for subsequent operations, minimizing errors, and enhancing quality control. Our booth highlighted conveyor indexing solutions that cater to the specific needs of parts manufacturers, offering improvements in speed, accuracy, and reliability. The Dynamic Conveyor Box Filling system was a simple demonstration of these capabilities. These advancements are set to play a pivotal role in optimizing production workflows, implementing lights out manufacturing while ensuring high standards of quality.

Dynamic Conveyor sales representatives with plastic manufacturing industry professionals watching a demonstration of a DynaCon Z conveyor feeding onto a DynaRoller transfer conveyor

Celebrating Excellence: Top Manufacturer Rep in Sales for 2023

AquaPoly Award Recipients with Dynamic Conveyor staff including president Jordan MusselmanAnother highlight of the event was our manufacture rep reception, where we gathered to thank our manufacturer reps in the plastics industry and honor the top manufacturer representative in sales for 2023. The award ceremony celebrated the achievements of the sales team, acknowledging their exceptional performance and dedication to Dynamic Conveyor. This recognition not only spotlighted individual and team success but also underscored the importance of embracing the full capabilities of Dynamic Conveyor, strong sales strategies, and customer relationships in driving business growth. It was a moment of pride and inspiration, highlighting the rewards of hard work and excellence in the field.

Customer Satisfaction: Testimonials on Conveyor Systems

Hearing directly from satisfied customers about their positive experiences with our conveyors was incredibly gratifying. Numerous attendees shared testimonials on how our reconfigurable and modular conveyor systems have significantly improved their operations. These firsthand accounts reinforced the value of our products and highlighted the tangible benefits they bring to various manufacturing processes. Customer satisfaction remains a top priority, and these testimonials are a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable conveyor solutions that meet the evolving needs of the industry. David Ladd from Patriot Plastics was one of the satisfied customers we heard from.

A Resounding Success

The largest reunion of the plastics industry in six years was a resounding success, marked by innovative breakthroughs, valuable insights, and a celebration of excellence. From game-changing conveyor systems to the growing emphasis on automation and efficient product handling, the trade show offered a comprehensive look at the future of plastics manufacturing. The connections made at this event will undoubtedly continue to fuel our spirit of collaboration and innovation in the industry well into the future.

Marcie Palmer