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How to enhance versatility and reduce maintenance and floor space requirements

Stanley Engineered Fastening, Chesterfield, MI, is a Stanley Black & Decker Inc. company, specializing in design and development of cost-effective fasteners, assembly tools, and stud and welding systems.  Items in the diverse line include fasteners and clips for metals and plastics, screws and bolts, torque nuts, threaded inserts, and a range of other products to meet individualized sealing and securing requirements.

To convey these various items to packaging lines, Stanley had been using large static conveyors that were requiring significant maintenance and downtime for repairs. The company realized that it needed to convert to more efficient conveying equipment.

After evaluating alternatives, Stanley decided to try a DynaCon light-weight plastic modular conveyor system from Dynamic Conveyor (www.dynamicconveyor.com).  Stanley determined that this easily reconfigurable conveyor system could be purchased at a cost in line with standard conveyor prices, while offering greater flexibility and considerably reduced maintenance. The conveyors also are compact, requiring less floor space.

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Dynamic Packaging Solutions to Represent DynaClean Conveyors to the Food Industry

Dynamic Conveyor Corporation announced today that Dynamic Packaging Solutions LLC has joined Dynamic Conveyor’s team of conveyor sales agencies.  Dynamic Packaging Solutions will work with food processors and packagers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the New York metropolitan area for their conveying needs.  In addition to sanitary food conveyor systems, Dynamic Packaging Solutions offers a variety of equipment to meet the needs of the food processing industry.

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DynaCon Radius Turn Conveyors Take a Tight Turn

Dynamic Conveyor recently re-designed the narrow DynaCon radius turn conveyors for conveyance of product around tight corners.  The redesigned radius turn conveyors allow small parts or packages to be conveyed in a reduced footprint on 4” to 10” wide conveyors with lateral turns.  DynaCon radius turn conveyors can be designed with one or numerous opposing turns that run the gamut from 5o to 180o.

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Equipment Designed With Sanitation In Mind Can Ease Processors’ FSMA Requirements

Food Processing Magazine

With implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) under way, sanitary design migrated from a nice-to-have to a must-have for the processing and handling equipment inside food & beverage manufacturing facilities.

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