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Administrative Manager  
Full Time, Salary

Are you looking for a new opportunity with a fantastic team?  Are you an experienced Administrative and/or HR professional who enjoys supporting others and is a go-getter? Are you an organized individual capable of self-managing your time? Does it excite you to provide a high level of service in a team environment?  Would others describe you as someone with remarkable communication skills and the ability to build strong relationships?  Are you a visionary who can look beyond the needs of today and plan for tomorrow?  If so, continue reading about how you can play an important role in our manufacturing organization.You will work independently to organize, execute and manage a wide range of administrative and HR activities along with leading a small administrative team to support all departments and company growth.  You will take ownership of your role as you work to support all departments of the company and earn credibility with the employees.  You will be responsible for ensuring a scalable HR foundation is in place to support our growth.  You will play a critical role in supporting and promoting our company’s core values.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for leadership and management of the Administrative Department including accounting, human resources, business systems and IT.
  2. Administers human resource policies and company benefits.
  3. Manages recruitment of employees and maintains employee records.
  4. Conducts new employee orientation and manages employee training and development needs.
  5. Coordinates employee safety, welfare and wellness activities/events.
  6. Responsible for processing payroll, preparing and filing payroll tax returns, payment of payroll taxes and preparing W-2s.
  7. Monitors and orders office supplies and oversees the maintenance of office machines.
  8. Coordinates and monitors office, bathroom and break room cleaning and supplies.
  9. Oversees accounting, business systems and IT.
  10. Provides administrative and clerical support of all departments as needed.
  11. Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the President and assists other employees of the company whenever possible.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

  1. Associate degree in Business Administration, Human Resource Management or equivalent required.
  2. Three to five years of experience in a management role desired.
  3. Strong interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to converse easily and professionally required.
  4. Ability to proficiently utilize Word, Excel and Outlook programs within a Windows environment required.
  5. Basic understanding of Accounting principles required.
  6. Experience processing payroll utilizing QuickBooks desired.
  7. Quality control mindset with the ability to monitor all work for accuracy.
  8. Ability to effectively multi-task, stay organized and follow-through on work assignments/duties. 

Are you the smart and motivated generalist that we are looking for to make an impact that will be felt companywide?  If so, then send your resume to jobs@DynamicConveyor.com.

Design Engineer I
Full Time, Hourly

Are you looking for an internship or to start your career in Engineering?  Do you enjoy collaborating with other like-minded creative people? Are you mechanically inclined and enjoy spending your free time building stuff? Are you self-driven and able to recognize when things need to be done and just do them? Would you like to join a team of young, high energy engineers who are passionate about conveyors and automation? If you answered yes to these questions, have the education and/or experience to proficiently operate Autodesk AutoCAD and Inventor and can picture yourself doing the duties and responsibilities listed then send us your resume.

General Summary:
Works to design, develop, engineer and model new products and make-to-order components.  Creates engineering documentation and instructions to support product design, manufacturing and customers with new products and components under the supervision of the Engineering Project Manager.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Creates engineering documentation to support sales, product design and manufacturing including assemblies, specification and R&D drawings using Autodesk Inventor.
  2. Coordinates with sales, purchasing and production to provide detailed drawings, bills of materials and routings to ensure on-time delivery of make-to-order components and conveyor systems.
  3. Provides hands-on, mechanical support, as needed in the R&D and manufacturing departments.
  4. Fabricates, assembles and tests all make-to-order products to completion per customer specifications.
  5. Works with outside suppliers, engineering and manufacturing to ensure successful implementation.
  6. Maintains a clean and safe working environment according to company policy.
  7. Performs other duties as assigned by the Engineering Project Manager and assists other employees of the company whenever possible.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

  1. Associates degree in Drafting Technology or equivalent desired.
  2. Ability to proficiently operate Autodesk AutoCAD (2D) and Inventor (3D) software required.
  3. Two to three years of industrial experience desired.
  4. Excellent verbal, written and computer skills required.
  5. Ability to organize and follow through on work a
  6. Quality control mindset with the ability to monitor all work for accuracy.

Forward Resume to:  jobs@DynamicConveyor.com


Completion of satisfactory medical exam including drug, alcohol and back screen is required for employment with Dynamic Conveyor.