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Clean Room Conveyor Systems

The standard DynaCon conveyor is ready to meet dust proof and clean room conveyor requirements -- there is no need to order a special clean room conveyor for clean room applications.  The DynaCon conveyor system is an economical solution to achieving lean manufacturing in medical, pharmaceutical, healthcare, aerospace or semiconductor assembly industries.  The standard DynaCon conveyor has been independently tested and meets Federal Standard 209D Class 1 (ISO Class 3) ratings as a clean room conveyor.  DynaCon Clean Room Conveyor

FDA approved belting with dust free hinge pins

No motor emissions with brushless DC motors

Grease packed gearboxes with no leaking oil

Maintenance free, with no lubrication required

Simple and efficient to clean

Quiet operation with minimal vibration

Portable and easy to move


HEPA Tunnel & IonizerOptions:

  • Static electricity can be eliminated with either an ionizing blower or bar.  Both are available to eliminate static electricity and prevent particulates from sticking to parts, product or the conveyor belt.  Both ionizing blowers and bars are mountable in a variety of locations on any new or existing DynaCon conveyor.
  • HEPA tunnels, consisting of a HEPA filter and enclosure, tackle airborne particulates 0.3 micrometers in diameter, which are the most difficult to filter, and are filtered at an efficiency rate of 99.97% or greater.  Particles that are larger or smaller than 0.3 micrometers in diameter will be filtered at a higher efficiency.  HEPA tunnel can be installed on any section of the conveyor or the entire length of the conveyor.
  • Internally or externally mounted brushless DC motors

Clean Conveyor


"The modular conveyor system not only provided us with flexibility and the ability to use an automated drop sealing system, but also offered us vital clean room capabilities.”
Michael Peterson, General Manager at Alltex Uniform Rental

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