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DynaCon Parts Conveyors

Angled Modular Belt Conveyor Systems

One of the major benefits of a DynaCon parts conveyor is that it offers you complete flexibility for configuration and reconfiguration. But there are so many more reasons why these modular belt conveyors can be a superior choice.

Benefits of DynaCon Plastic Belt Conveyors


  • Conveyor modules connect and reconnect to form modular belt conveyor systems of varying lengths (up to 100 feet) and widths (from 4" to 72" wide)
  • Combine modules for horizontal systems, multiple angles (such as 30°,45° and 90°) or radius turns (such as 45°, 90° and 180°)

  • Plastic belt conveyor modules feature a lightweight, high-impact polycarbonate construction

  • Compatible with a variety of plastic modular Intralox link style conveyor belting and varied drive flights (cleats)

  • Clean room compatible by meeting ISO Class 3 Standards (Federal Class 1 Standards)
    Radius Turn Conveyor
  • Quiet operation at comfortable dBA levels

  • DynaCon belt conveyor systems have energy efficient 1/8 or 1/4 HP motors with lifetime greased gearboxes

  • Internally or externally mounted conveyor motors with speeds up to 200 feet per minute

  • DynaCon Clean Room ConveyorBelt conveyors have the ability to reverse when needed

  • Easy to clean with mild soap and water

  • A variety of accessory items are available to complement the already extendable conveyor system

  • Easy to assemble with no need for licensed installers

  • Maintenance free modular conveyors with a 5 year warranty

  • Offer a Quick Ship Program where custom conveyor systems can ship in as few as 3 days

All of our conveyor systems are fabricated to your specifications with fast lead times, and are fully warranted. You'll have a hard time finding a company who provides custom conveyor systems as quickly as we do.

Contact us today to discuss if a DynaCon plastic belt parts conveyor is right for your application!











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