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Why DynaCon Modular Parts Conveyors

Plastic modular conveyor systems of tomorrow, available today...  

For over 20 years, Dynamic Conveyor Corporation has been a source of innovative custom conveyor systems for industry - including the plastic injection molding industry. Our premise was a simple one: provide a custom lightweight, modular alternative to traditional conveyor systems that required custom fabrication and that could not be modified without great expense.  Our answer is a plastic reconfigurable custom conveyor that allows for flexibility and sDynaCon parts conveyors can be configured as flat, angle or Zustainability at standard conveyor prices.

Sustainable flexible conveyors

Our flexible conveyors make even more sense in light of today’s manufacturing techniques, where work flows and systems must be able to adapt to ever-changing processes and requirements.  DynaCon flexible conveyors are considered eco-friendly because of the ability to repurpose them and/or replace damaged components when needed.  Accessories can be easily added at any time and our plastic belt conveyors are ISO Class 3 clean room ready.  There is no need to dispose of a DynaCon plastic modular conveyor.

Plastic conveyors mean lower cost of ownership

DynaCon provides a lower cost of ownership than competitive systems.  It starts with purchasing the components needed to create custom conveyor systems at standard conveyor prices and ends with our 5 year warranty.  Lightweight, plastic conveyors are shipped economically without added crating costs.  They're also maintenance free.  The belting on our plastic conveyors does not require frequent realignment or replacement and our 1/8 and 1/4 HP motors are maintenance free and use much less electricity than our competitors' larger horsepower motors. 

Custom conveyor systems delivered fast

We maintain a complete stock of components and accessories so your order can be filled quickly. All of our custom conveyors are fabricated to your specifications with fast lead times, and are fully warranted.  We don't believe you will find a company who provides custom conveyor systems as quickly as we do.

Excellent customer service

Our staff of experienced people stands ready to give you the help you need, from system design and product specification to order placement, assembly and installation.  And our Customer Service Department is known for their quick, courteous response to our customers' needs.

What to include when calculating Total Cost of Ownership:

  • Conveyor purchase price 
  • Crating charges
  • Freight charges
  • Installation charges
  • Annual Kilowatt usage
  • Belt replacement costs
  • Maintenance costs
  • Cost to modify conveyor
  • Cost of replacement parts
  • Length of warranty

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