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Benefits of Modular Conveyors

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Benefits of DynaCon Modular Conveyor Systems

  • Utilize plastic conveyor modules to design and build the ideal custom conveyor system, whether it's a simple incline conveyor or multiple material handling stations
  • Modular conveyors are constructed from lightweight, high-impact polycarbonate making it easy to reconfigure to meet changing needs
  • Conveyor modules connect to form conveyor systems of varying length and profiles including radius turns and incline conveyors
  • Lightweight modules make it possible to create overhead or portable conveyors
  • Internally or externally mounted eco-friendly energy efficient motors are maintenance free
  • Modular conveyor systems are easy to maintain: No oil or lubrication required
  • Choose from a variety of plastic link style belting
  • Modular conveyors offer customization at standard conveyor prices

PDF DocumentFeatures, Advantages and Benefits of DynaCon Conveyors

Custom modular conveyor systems put together quickly and easily with common components.


“We had an incident on a new line we put in, where a new DynaCon conveyor was damaged. Had the conveyor been metal, it would not have been repairable. Because it is a plastic modular conveyor we were able to replace the damaged conveyor section within an hour, at a cost of about $300. If it had been metal, we would have been looking for a new conveyor.” -- Larry Beer, Team Leader at Listowel Technology, Inc.

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