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Reconfigurable Modular Conveyors

reconfigurable large and small conveyors“Most of our projects have a three-to-four year lifespan. We have a lot of money invested in our automation cells, so we try to buy equipment that can be reconfigured for other applications. That includes our conveyor systems. Even though the equipment wasn't purchased for a future application, being reconfigurable conveyor technology means it won't be pushed into a corner when we retool.   It can be redesigned, taken apart, or extended into whatever we need. We can reconfigure them quickly and easily, and that gives us a much higher return on investment.”
Matt Barta, Manufacturing Engineering Manager at the Tucson, AZ facilities of GW PlasticsExtendable Beyond the Typical Material Handling Conveyor

Ideal for operations with frequent layout changes or those who need to quickly change material handling conveyor process lines

  • Plastic conveyor modules connect and reconnect to form extendable conveyor systems of varying length and profiles, for large and small conveyors  
  • Conveyor modules can be reconfigured, like building blocks or Legos®, allowing for true sustainability of conveying equipment
  • Quick reconfiguration of lightweight plastic conveyor modules allows for system flexibility
  • Extendable conveyor configurations can include inclines, declines and 45, 90 or 180 degree lateral turns
  • The right energy efficient 1/30, 1/8, 1/4 or 1HP motors are specified for each application
  • Choose from a variety of plastic link style belting, powered rollers or gravity rollers
  • DynaCon's modularity for both large and small conveyors eliminate “conveyor boneyards” 
  • Save money – buy only the modules needed to meet changing production requirements -- get custom conveyor systems at standard material handling conveyor prices 
  • Components and parts can be shipped out same day


With Reconfigurable Conveyor Technology you can

assume any position again and again and again

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Success Story 

A customer explains how the DynaCon 
reconfigurable modular conveyor system easily meets its needs without any significant downtime or expenses.

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