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DynaCon modular conveyors

Product Rejection Chute on a DynaCon Conveyor System

Demonstration of a product rejection chute for DynaCon conveyor systems

Video Transcription:

(Man’s Voice)
Hi my name is Paul Kuharevicz and today I want to talk about an accessory that we put onto our DynaCon conveying system. This particular accessory can be put on our hybrids and even our food conveyors – our DynaCleans. But all it really is, is a rejecting conveyor to get parts from going out to the production box, and what we do is we put a flapper and we reject them backwards. This particular customer is doing quality checks every one hour, so we set up a plc to divert this flapper every one hour for 3 seconds to get the parts, and then go back into the run position. Lets take a look at how it works.

Again this is a very simple accessory, I just want to make sure that you’re aware of it. If you have any particular quesitons on this or any other accessory we can offer, please call us here directly at dynamic conveyor corporation. Thank you.