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DynaPro™ Low Profile Conveyors

Low Profile Slider Bed Conveyors

DynaPro LogoDynaPro™ is a durable, low profile slider bed conveyor that can be used across various industries, including general manufacturing, parts manufacturing, parcel/packaging, injection molding, automotive manufacturing, and medical device manufacturing.

Just about any industry can benefit from the features that are considered add-ons to most conveyor manufacturers, but come standard with the DynaPro line from Dynamic Conveyor Corporation.

This modernized low profile conveyor has extensive applications, from being used with pick and place robots, to completing transfers of all sizes, to being used as a take away conveyor.

Key benefits of DynaPro slider bed conveyors:

  • Easy to order, with fast lead times
  • Affordable
  • High-quality, durable design
  • Maintenance free

DynaPro 4ftx12in Angled low profile conveyorDynaPro Low profile conveyors

DynaPro Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

The conveyors feature a tensionless link style belting to prevent tracking issues and allow for easy belt repair in lieu of replacing entire belts. Further, the DynaPro incorporates many standard features that most other conveyors have as options. These standard features include variable speed, reversing, nose bar design for tight transfers, and an M12 connector for machine integration.

DynaPro low profile conveyors are an excellent solution to helping companies achieve their energy efficiency and sustainability goals since the conveyors utilize compact, high-efficiency 60w & 120w DC brushless motors. Relative to other low-profile conveyors utilizing large 3-phase AC motors, DynaPro conveyors save an estimated 30% on energy costs over a year running single shift.

 DynaPro Low Profile Conveyor with slider belt conveying boxes



DynaPro Features & Benefits

DynaPro conveyors are easily integrated into nearly any application needing conveyance and are an excellent complement to Dynamic Conveyor Corporation’s other product lines.

If you’d like more information about the DynaPro line, or to request pricing, get in touch with an efficiency expert at Dynamic Conveyor Corporation.

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