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DynaCon modular conveyors

Low Profile Conveyor Options & Accessories

Accessory Options for Low Profile Conveyors

Photo Eye Stop

  • Conveyor stops when photo eye beam is interrupted
  • Plug & play design can be used with new/existing conveyors


  • Emergency stop with reset button
  • Plug & play design
  • Plate mounted for user placement
  • Option for button or cable stop


  • AC/DC indexing with input 24VDC signal
  • Low profile conveyor runs for a user defined time interval
  • Optional foot switch for irregular stops/starts
  • Optional human machine interface (HMI) control available

HEPA Filter TunnelHepa Filter

  • Keeps parts clean during the conveying process
  • Removes at least 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 micrometers in diameter (larger or smaller particles are filtered at higher efficiency)

IonizersHurricane Ionizer

  • Eliminates static electricity within a range up to 10 feet
  • Easy to install and mountable in a variety of locations
  • Variable fan speed control
  • Energy efficient 115V