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Roller Conveyor Systems

Powered Roller Conveyor

The DynaRoller zone powered, zero pressure accumulation roller conveyor offers a patented system that is modular, safe and cost effective.

Boxes, packages, trays, totes, parcels, crates and cartons of various sizes and shapes can now be conveyed using DynaRoller’s innovative powered roller conveyor design. Advanced capabilities include zero pressure zone accumulation, precision sortation, and seamless 90 degree transfers.

A DynaRoller zero pressure conveyor system is an excellent conveying solution for packaging, manufacturing, logistics and other light and medium duty parcel and unit handling applications.

Benefits of DynaRoller Conveyors:

  • Follows with Dynamic Conveyor’s modular design philosophy with the ability to reconfigure, expand, and repurpose when necessary.
  • Excellent solution for high volume and / or precision sortation applications
  • Conveyor roller pitch, material, and accumulation zone lengths are easily customized to provide the best solution for the products being conveyed, belted sections available for certain applications.
  • Simple module connectivity though pure plug-n-play technology allows for a fast and efficient installation
  • Seamless integration capabilities with systems such as robotics, labeling, printing, MRP / ERP, RFID, etc.
  • Omni directional transfer units allow for advanced capabilities on right angle turns and multi-directional transfers
  • All motors and drive components are captured within the conveyor frame providing an industry leading safety solution
  • Built in high torque off that will shutdown the conveyor when jammed providing a high level of safety for users and eliminates need for guarding.
  • Backed by a two-year warranty

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