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DynaClean Food Conveyors

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Testimonials: DynaClean Food Conveyors

  • “We’re amazed at how well the sticky raw chicken releases from the DynaClean conveyor.  With the DynaClean conveyor we increased our productivity output 4 times over our previous process.”

    – a Fortune 500 US Meat Processing Corporation

  • the gluten free bar logo

    “Our previous bucket conveyor took roughly four hours to clean. The DynaClean conveyor takes approximately an hour. We are very happy with our new conveyor!”

    – Paul Vilker, Operations Manager at The Gluten Free Bar

  • Georgia Nut Company

    “The DynaCleans really help our maintenance department.  Even though they are custom conveyors, the parts are very similar so we are able to work on the conveyors easily.  Even if the conveyors are different and more customized, we still know how to work on them.”

    – Lucas McCallister, Process Engineer at Georgia Nut Company

  • All-Fill

    “I had no idea the DynaClean conveyor system was modular and could be retrofitted in the field.  It was very easy to install.  It took about an hour to make the necessary changes using common hand tools.  Even though the conveyor has been modified, it looks like a brand new conveyor.”

    – Ray Arra, Sales Manager at All-Fill

  • Easton Malloy

    “I was impressed with the ease of cleaning that the DynaClean conveyor offered. We have been able to reduce our cleaning time from 3 hours to 30 minutes.”

    – Rubby Garces, Operations Manager at Easton Malloy

  • First Source

    “I haven’t received a piece of equipment in a long time that has the quality of workmanship that the DynaClean conveyor has.  Thank you for a piece of QUALITY equipment!”

    – Geoff LaPorta, Maintenance Supervisor at First Source

  • Hughson Nut Inc. logo

    “With minimal, to no tools required, every part is accessible and quick to clean and sanitize. The DynaClean conveyors are much quicker and easier to clean than the bucket elevators. The time is cut in about half, which means our labor has been cut in half.”

    – Andy Fontana, Maintenance Manager at Hughson Nut

  • See's Candies

    “The design of the DynaClean conveyor allows for 100% cleaning with no hidden places for product to gather, which is very important when food safety is a concern.”

    – Les Curtin, Sr. Director Process Development and R&D at See’s Candies

  • Pan-O-Gold Baking Baking Company logo

    “As for the quality and construction of the DynaClean conveyor, I feel it is second to none, the workmanship and components are superior, the ease in which it comes apart for cleaning with no tools is great, just a matter of minutes from start to finish of the sanitation process.  I will not hesitate to buy another DynaClean when the need arises.”

    – Dave Miller, Maintenance Supervisor at Pan-O-Gold Baking Company

  • Superior Foods

    “We were looking for some new conveyors for our seafood production room and the DynaClean conveyor fit the need.  The DynaClean conveyor was easy to incorporate into our cutting stations, are easy to clean and simple to maintain.”

    – Roger Bolthous, Maintenance Manager at Superior Foods

  • Griffin Claw Brewing

    “Our DynaClean conveyor is an amazing thing and it works beautifully for us.”

    – Norm LePage, Griffin Claw Brewing Company

  • Grobbel's logo

    “The DynaClean conveyor is very unique in that it allows us to completely disassemble it with ease every night and ensures that we have a bacteria-free conveyor the next day.”

    – Jason Grobbel, President at Grobbel’s

  • Sahadi Fine Foods

    “Thank you for the great service your company provided to me.  The quality and simplicity of the DynaClean conveyor is great.  It is easy to clean, easy to take apart and put back together again.  The personal contact and service your company provides is the best.  I will be doing business with your company again.”

    – Sammy Gonzalez, Sahadi Fine Foods

  • J&M Foods Logo

    “The DynaClean conveyor is a vast improvement over what we’ve had in the past.”

    – Scott Thibault, President at J&M Foods

  • Salt Works Logo

    “We’re very impressed with the ingenuity that Dynamic Conveyor uses in designing its conveyors.  It’s refreshing to buy equipment and have it just work without having to make any modifications.”

    – Colin Mclane, Engineering Manager at Salt Works