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DynaCon modular conveyors

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Testimonials: DynaCon Parts Conveyors

  • WilMarc Medical

    The adaptability and design of the DynaCon conveyers is next to none and perfect for the injection molding world.  We will be adding many more in the near future.

    – Mike Hammer, Director of Production & Operations at WilMarc Medical

  • Currier Plastics

    We literally only work on the DynaCon conveyors when they are damaged by misuse. Otherwise, we do a regular cleaning, and put them back in production. It has been nice to not come into 3 or more conveyors needing repair every Monday. Conveyor downtime has pretty much been eliminated by using DynaCon conveyors.

    – Sean Plantz, Maintenance Technician for Currier Plastics

  • Stanley Engineered Fasteners

    The DynaCon equipment being used in our operations has provided us with extreme flexibility in our manufacturing processes. We are always looking for ways to become more efficient and expand our capabilities.  The DynaCon conveyors allow for re-utilization of existing equipment on new jobs as well as the flexibility of reconfiguring existing lines quickly to accommodate new processes.  They have been highly reliable and the service level has been phenomenal.  We have developed our own library of spare parts to be able to easily reconfigure unused conveyors for new applications, as well as minimize downtime when one gets damaged.

    – Nathan Dietrich, Mfg. Engineer, Stanley Engineered Fastening

  • UrthPact

    With other conveyors, we had to delay the purchase until we could figure out the ideal production layout.  But the DynaCon conveyors are so flexible that we can bring them in early and figure out how we might reconfigure them later.  We’re not locking ourselves in — we can experiment to find exactly what we want.

    – Adam Parker, VP of Manufacturing for UrthPact

  • Plastek Group logo

    What is great about the system is the flexibility.  When we make changes in our process, we don’t have to design our work areas around the existing conveyors, we change the conveyors to meet our work areas.

    – Ray O’Donnell, Corporate Facilities Manager for Plastek Industries

  • IMS

    With rapid growth, it’s important to be able to reconfigure our auxiliary equipment—to do an R&D process with the conveyor systems. The DynaCon is like a large erector set—we can reconfigure the way we need it instead of being stuck with one configuration.

    – Sean Wright, Manufacturing Engineer for Innovative Mold Solutions

  • Rexam

    DynaCon conveyors are made from small sections, like LEGOsTm, and you just build the conveyors like you want them.  The fact that I can reconfigure them is the biggest selling point.  They’re competitively priced.  There are cheaper conveyors, but you get what you pay for.

    – Mark Borzillo, Plant Manager at Rexam

  • Billco

    After 30 years of service from our old DynaCon conveyor, it’s time for a new one. We use it in our bag packaging system. We got hammered with twelve big orders so I called DynaCon and told them the position I was in and that we needed a new conveyor ‘yesterday’. They built one and shipped it out in a couple days.  WOW! What service.

    – Steve Cochran , Vice President at Billco Corporation

  • Thermo Fischer Scientific logo

    With the DynaCon systems, if we need to use a conveyor elsewhere, or one operation goes away, we don’t have to buy a new conveyor, we can just reconfigure and maybe buy some pieces, but we don’t have to buy the whole conveyor, which has saved us around $50,000.

    – Jeff Steiger, Engineering Manager for Capital Vial Inc, a division of Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • MasterTag

    Because DynaCon conveyor systems are modular, we were able to build the conveyor around some very tight tolerances.  We give them exact dimensions of what we need and they can follow it where others cannot.  They seem to be able to match anything that we give them.

    – Greg Stapel, Engineer Assistant at MasterTag

  • Black Diamond Equip

    I’m impressed.  Over six months of service, it’s required no maintenance and it hasn’t needed any cleaning.

    – Mike Will, Operations Engineer for Black Diamond Equipment

  • Fresco

    It offered the flexibility of giving us exactly what we needed.  Instead of a standard conveyor with 6 or 8 foot lengths that cost us a tremendous amount to modify, the DynaCon conveyor offered an off the shelf customizable conveyor and at a competitive price.

    – Pat Rambo, Application Engineer at Fresco Systems USA

  • CAPS, Inc.

    Our DynaCon system grows right along with our business because it works on every product we make. It is very easy to add and remove sections and accessories as needed, such as extended sides and cooling fans. Everything is easy with DynaCon.

    – Brett Huster, Engineering Manager for C.A.P.S. Inc.

  • Sharp Packaging

    We needed to fit into a specific pricing structure, and Dynamic Conveyor offers the lowest cost of ownership plus the most flexible and reliable conveyor that we could find.

    – Tom Taylor, Director of Machinery at Sharp Packaging

  • Leisure Concepts logo

    The DynaCon conveyor has given us the ability to automate the box filling process, which has allowed us to optimize the injection molding machine by running it automatically, improving our cycle time by 5-10%.  In addition to reduced cycle times, we have been able to reduce our labor by one-half of an operator, for the manufacture and boxing of our SmartDeck product.

    – Mark Laughman, General Manager for Leisure Concepts

  • Comar

    We’ve tried other conveyors that were touted as modular,  but I wouldn’t say that they are modular like the DynaCons.  We have so many of them because we have good success with them.

    – Henry Tamangi, Maintenance Manager at Comar, Inc.

  • Radius Toothrush

    When we had to expand the lineal distance on the DynaCon conveyor, we were able to add length and put it back together very easily. It’s very cool.

    – Kevin Foley, Co-founder of Radius Toothbrush

  • Mann+Hummel

    In our business, you’ve got to have fast reflexes. With the DynaCon system we can often work with modules and components we have on hand. Otherwise, delivery of new DynaCon orders is very fast.

    – Bruce Wakefield, Manufacturing Engineer at Mann Hummel Automotive

  • CKS Packaging, Inc.

    I’ve seen other companies try to save $1,000 when buying a conveyor system, and it doesn’t make sense because they will spend that thousand dollars with maintenance and such in the first year and for every year after that, or even more, because the conveyor’s won’t hold up.

    – Bill Padgett, Vice President of Manufacturing at Custom Bottle

  • Nyloncraft

    If you figure $25K per operator, we’re now saving about $250,000 to $350,000 per year since installing DynaCon conveyors.

    – Michael Van Zant, Manufacturing Manager at Nyloncraft

  • Dyvex

    The system design allows you to simply fasten together or unfasten modules as best fits your needs.

    – David Pettinato, VP Sales & Marketing at Dyvex

  • Temple Tag

    I will be ordering more conveyors within the next month, so that should be a good indication of how I feel about Dynamic Conveyor.  The integration of these conveyors is simple, seamless and sturdy.  We researched many conveyors and made the right choice going with you guys!

    – Bob Luthi, Plant Manager at Temple Tag

  • Taylor Products

    Not only did it cost 35 percent less than a traditional conveyor, it also saved money on freight and installation costs.

    – Brian Klughardt, Director of Engineering at Taylor Products

  • Listowel

    We had an incident on a new line we put in, where a new DynaCon conveyor was damaged. Had the conveyor been metal, it would not have been repairable. Because it is a plastic modular conveyor we were able to replace the damaged conveyor section within an hour, at a cost of about $300. If it had been metal, we would have been looking for a new conveyor.

    – Larry Beer, Team Leader at Listowel Technology, Inc

  • IPEX logo

    After searching the Internet for a supplier, we found only one supplier that offered a conveyor made of plastic that would not deteriorate due to long periods of running water.

    – Ric Atchison, Technical Manager at IPEX

  • Borg Warner

    The DynaCon system works extremely well in our assembly area. The conveyor has not missed a beat since it was installed and is virtually maintenance free.

    – Mikael Olsson, Manufacturing Engineer at Borg Warner

  • North American Lighting

    No maintenance is needed with the DynaCon modular conveyor system.

    – J.C. Noll, Senior Production Engineer at North American Lighting