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DynaCon modular conveyors

Hybrid Specialty Conveyor

Hybrid Specialty Conveyor with Exact Spaced 6″ Heavy Duty Drive Flights


Video Transcription:

(Man’s Voice)
Welcome to Dynamic Conveyor, John here. Let me show you something about this, what we call our Hybrid series of conveyors. Now every once and a while we’ll have a customer that has some demanding constraints in the shop, different parameters they need to fill, where a typical conveyor right off the shelf just is not going to do the trick for them.

So this specific customer had to have these flights equally spaced throughout the length of the belt. Now that might not sound too hard to do, but actually, you have to design the total length of your side frame to be able to do this right. He also needed these big, heavy 6 inch flights. He has to have this indexing, meaning he’ll be filling his product here, conveyor will stop on a signal from another machine. Meanwhile that flight at the very top is also dumping correspondingly to his load sequence.

So that’s why this was a little bit more of a trick than just anything you can get anywhere. And our Hybrid series, you never know where you’re going to be needing them – you might be doing a radius, you might be high temp, there’s lots of different parameters to a hybrid line. We took our engineering expertise that we’ve learned over 30 years of doing conveyors and applied the proper genetics from our DynaCon series, from our DynaClean series, and this is our Hybrid series.

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