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DynaCon modular conveyors

Large Heavy Plastic Parts Conveyor Video | Hybrid Conveyor

A Hybrid Specialty Conveyor Designed For Large, Heavy Plastic Parts

Video Transcription:

(Man’s Voice)
Hey welcome back to Dynamic Conveyor!
Look at these three beauties we just finished building today.
They’re all about 20 feet long, 30 inches wide for a specific application one of our customers had.
He’s dropping very large heavy plastic parts on his conveyor.
You have to start with the right belt right out of the gate.
So once we select a belt for this, we were able to design the rest of the conveyor around his process and his application.
Let me show you a few features over here on this one.
You’ll notice that these side plates on the back, we made them so you can remove this side or the other side.
Load it from this side or the other, or right smack in the middle if that’s what you have to do.
So when you need a special conveyor built, you think about the Dynamic Conveyor Hybrid Series.
Give us a call, hit our website, let us know what you’re doing out there. We’d be glad to help you out.