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DynaCon modular conveyors

Specialty Conveyors

Hybrid Specialty Conveyors

Get Exactly What You Need Every Time

Hybrid specialty conveyors are custom designed specifically to meet the most demanding conveyance objectives, defined by the environment and/or the product being conveyed. Challenges such as limited spaces; high speeds; heavy loads; heavy impact; abrasive, hot or cold, high or low PH products are taken into consideration in the design of each conveyor.

Our staff will take the time to understand your specific products and unique needs. The ideal materials will be specifically selected for each conveyor design. Each design will meet the form, fit and function required for your distinct application. A 3D conveyor drawing of each specialty conveyor will be provided for your approval.

Specialty Conveyors Designed to Meet Your Unique Conveyor Needs

  • A wide range of widths from 2 to 120 inches
  • Lengths as long as 100 feet
  • Sidewall heights available flush to belt
  • Unlimited angles and geometries to create precise inclines, declines and lateral turns
  • Self-tracking belts are either plastic link style or solid surface homogeneous
  • An endless number of options and accessories can be incorporated in the specialty conveyor design
  • Designed to join perfectly with your existing equipment
  • Eco-friendly motors are quiet running, energy efficient and maintenance-free
  • Hybrid specialty conveyors are maintenance-free and include a 5 year warranty

Examples of Hybrid Specialty Conveyors