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What to consider when looking for a conveyor for your medical device manufacturing needs

Clean room conveyorsThose in the medical device manufacturing industry know that things are constantly changing.  In this ever-changing industry, there is perhaps nothing more important than having clean room ready equipment that can change, too.  Therefore, utilizing a clean room conveyor system that is capable of easy reconfiguration is of utmost importance.

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Part Handling Robots & Conveyors – You can’t have one without the other

The number of part handling robots used in injection molding facilities continues to grow.  Twenty years ago, seeing a multi axis robot in a molding facility was almost unheard of.  This new technology was used only by the biggest injection molders with large, multi-year contracts.  In those days, high startup costs, potential down time, reliability, and safety concerns were always carefully considered before robotic automation was implemented on the production floor.  Today, as we enter a new decade, those apprehensions have gone away.  With huge economic and technological gains in servo-motors, controls, ease of programing and overall robot speed and accuracy, more injection molding companies have acquired robot automation.

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Sanitary Conveyor Design Leads to Improved Food Safety

Sanitary Conveyor DesignSanitary conveyor design refers to the application of design techniques that allow for timely and effective cleaning whether you are referencing NSF, FDA, USDA or BISCC design standards.  Sanitary design improves food safety, helps companies avoid costly product recalls and provides operational efficiencies be reducing labor costs and the time and effort required to clean the conveyors.

Reduced downtime is achieved in a sanitary conveyor system that is thoughtfully designed to offer quick changeovers and better sanitation.  The ideal sanitary conveyor design elements will allow for ease of accessibility and be constructed to withstand the rigors of the sanitation process.

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Polyurethane Tensionless Conveyor Belts: The Biggest Sanitary Conveyor Design Breakthrough in the Last Decade

ThermoDrive Solid Surface Conveyor BeltingPolyurethane tensionless conveyor belts have revolutionized the sanitary conveyor industry.  Being involved with the design and manufacture of conveyors for the last 20+ years, I have seen continuous design improvements relative to sanitary conveyors.  Motors, drives, sidewall design and support systems have incrementally improved through the years.  However, there is one technology that has forever changed the way sanitary conveyors are designed.  That technology is in the polyurethane tensionless conveyor belting.

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