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Conveyors & Manufacturing Equipment: How to Decide Between Buying or Financing

Conveyors and other manufacturing equipment are necessary when you want to make your products as efficiently as possible.

To manufacture your products as efficiently as possible, you will want to purchase all of the conveyors and equipment you need as soon as possible. If you don’t have the cash required to purchase the equipment outright, then equipment financing or leasing is an option. If you are undecided on whether to opt for equipment financing or purchasing with cash, consider the advantages and disadvantages of each option:

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How to Know if Your Conveyor Manufacturer is Providing the Greatest ROI

The conveyor manufacturer you choose to work with will ultimately determine the return on investment (ROI) for the conveyor you purchase.  Take your time and research both the conveyor manufacturer and the conveyor systems they offer.

What is the conveyor manufacturer’s overall reputation?
Review the conveyor manufacturer’s website for customer testimonials and success stories.  Do they have experience supplying conveyors to your industry?

Reach out to current and past customers and ask them questions about their experience.  Find out about the conveyor manufacturer’s ability to help you select or design the best conveyor system for your application.  Ask about their customer service.  How responsive are they?  Do they deliver on time? Do they keep their commitments?

And finally, ask the following questions about the conveyor systems they offer:

How frequently will I need to replace the conveyor belt?
Ask about belt damage.  Typically, when a conveyor belt experiences damage, it is only to one area of the belt – not the entire belt.  When using a plastic modular belt, only the damaged section of the belt will need to be replaced.  If the conveyor uses a one-piece fabric or rubber belt you will need to replace the entire belt.

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How to find the Best Conveyor for Large Heavy Plastic Parts

large heavy parts conveyorsLarge heavy plastic parts dropping from a molding machine onto a conveyor will wreak havoc on most conveyor systems. You want to look for a high-impact conveyor system that has been designed specifically to handle the force of large heavy parts without damaging your parts or the conveyor system.

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Conveyors: How to find the best one for conveying plastic bottle preforms

Plastic preforms on DynaCon conveyorConveyors are an integral part of the process of molding plastic bottle preforms. When looking for a conveyor system to move your preforms out from your machines, look for a system that will accomplish the job with ease and reliability. Consider the following when evaluating your needs for conveying plastic bottle preforms:

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